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Building the Transformational Company

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Transformation is no longer a secret. Building the Transformational Company is a unique playbook that guides leaders and organizations through successful transformation.

It is based on extensive research and insights into the world’s leading transformation cases, and on the extensive body of tools, knowledge and research embedded in the 11 year development project behind Strategy Tools.

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What is Your Transformation Score?

“Why is there a need to transform?” was one of the questions that have been coming up quite frequently after we published the report Building the Transformational Company

We have developed a tool that can guide you on this journey. Take the test to get your transformation score.


The team at Strategy Tools monitor the situation closely. With users in more than 100 countries and 75 key partners all over the world, we all have friends and family exposed to the Coronavirus.

Strategy Tools Digital Solutions is now available to help our customers, partners and users work through the ongoing situation. Find your digital solution here or get in touch to see how our digital solutions can work for you.


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You can now access several courses - both free and paid - on the ST Academy. Here, you will gain the know-how to use relevant strategy tools - including new ones specifically designed for the crisis we’re all currently in.

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Strategy Tools

Online Training

Our open online training programs give 1000’s of people new strategy capabilities.


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Customized programs – built around your unique needs.


Online Strategy Projects

Develop your transformation strategy – 100% online. Work with our team of experts,  directly on our digital platform. We guide you and your team through a proven transformation process over six months. Delivered by global strategy experts  – 100% online. Perfect for your strategy & transformation team.

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Building the Transformational Company

Get the skills, tools and capabilities to build transformational companies. Perfect for consultants, strategy leaders, executives and change leaders.

5-modules, 100% online. Completely self-paced, or accompanied by live webinars with the author, Christian Rangen.

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Strategy Tools


Download free, relevant strategy canvases that will help you facilitate discussions.



Join our global community of strategists, share your ideas and learn from the best.



Work on strategy in the cloud, with your team, in the app.



Get the training that will help you build strategic capabilities.

Strategy Simulations


Walk through highly complex strategy journeys – while you’re busy learning.



Learn strategy at your own pace, in your own time.

Global Coaches

Strategy Tools Global Coaches

Learn to use relevant strategy tools that are developed not just for the business challenges of today but the fast-changing industry landscapes of tomorrow.

Get certified as a Strategy Tools Global Coach.

Global Coaches

Strategy Tools Speaker Series

Scott d. Anthony, Rita McGrath, Alexander Osterwalder, Bill Fischer, Rick Rasmussen, Simon Torrance – Join Christian Rangen in discussing with top strategy leaders discuss how we can survive and thrive in times of crisis.

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