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Being equipped with a toolbox like this allows you to run pretty advanced and difficult strategy processes in an effective way.

Kristian Ebbessen Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Support, Equinor

The old way

Annual planning + Disconnected team = No real outcome

Old Way
  • “Business as usual” strategy discussions that go nowhere
  • Zero buy-in from the management & team due to a lack of understanding.
  • “Strategy” the usual way, with fixed mindset and annual strategy meetings

The Strategy Tools way

New Way

We help you…


Deliver more value for clients

I’m a consultant, trainer, facilitator looking for new, effective ways to help my clients or organization.


Create organizational change

I work in HR or Corporate Training. I aim to build new strategy and innovation capabilities at scale.


Develop a future-fit strategy

I work within Corporate Strategy, Transformation or Innovation. I’m looking to create value for my organization.


Grow your

I am a Founder, Board Member or Early-Stage Investor. I am looking to build our team, find funding and accelerate growth.


Support and develop start-ups

I run an accelerator program or incubator. I am on the look-out for relevant tools and ideas that can help our program evolve.


Accelerate national transformation

I am a national leader or head of a national innovation agency. I am looking for ways to develop entrepreneurship and innovation capabilities.


Develop successful innovation clusters

I am head of national cluster program or cluster manager. I want to boost economic development or build a global supercluster.


Teach strategy & entrepreneurship

I work in learning and education. I’m looking for new, innovative ways to bring the real world into the classroom.

Strategy Tools is truly exciting.

Professor Rita McGrath
Columbia Business School.
World Top 10 Business Thinker

Strategy Tools for Every Need

Strategy Tools

Strategy Tools

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Strategy Simulations

Strategy Simulations

Walk through highly complex strategy journeys – while you’re busy learning



Learn at your own pace and in your own time. Coming soon.

Strategy Simulations

Transform the way you understand and practice strategy with Strategy Simulations.

Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator

Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator has you step right into the shoes of a startup or scale-up company.

Battle to grow your company, face obstacles typical to those of a startup and learn to strategize and scale your company against all odds. Make smart strategic choices, balance your liquidity and try to secure as much investor capital as you can without going bankrupt.

Expect a rollercoaster ride through the life of a startup founder.

Scale Up Simulator
Supercluster Simulator

Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator

In Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator, you are the leadership team of a new, emerging innovation Supercluster.

Your job is to build the team, grow your industry network, develop key relationships, recruit members, secure funding, and launch special projects.

That sounds like quite a list, doesn’t it? Now try to do it all without going bankrupt, and before your competitors get to the finish line.

Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator

Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator brings you on a journey through the complex path to success as a thriving business.

As part of the leadership team, your responsibility is to lead this company’s transformation and reach 50 billion in valuation.

Can you maintain the existing business, optimize your current cash flow,  invest in the future and design a broad portfolio of new business models without over-investing and going bankrupt?

Transform Simulator

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Develop strategic skills and accelerate change in our intensive 5-day, hands-on program.

20th -24th January, 2020 – Stavanger, Norway

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