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Empowering Fund Managers in Africa with 2X Ignite

In a recent initiative to bolster gender-smart investing in the African continent, Strategy Tools collaborated with 2X Ignite to host a transformative three-day boot camp. The event aimed to support women and diverse-led fund managers, providing them with essential tools and frameworks to navigate the complexities of fund management. Read the full story below:

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The Project Catalyst report recently revealed a significant US$ 7.9 billion in gender lens investments within private markets. However, capital allocation to a new generation of fund managers offering innovative solutions remains low. To address this gap, 2X Ignite hosted a transformative event in April, gathering women/diverse-led fund managers and potential investors for an immersive three-day boot camp into the journey of fund management.

Strategy Tools played a pivotal role in this initiative. The boot camp – led by Elena Haba (2X Ignite Lead) , Christian Rangen, CEO of Strategy Tools, and Marijn Wiersma, Director of Community and Innovation at 2X Global – provided participants with a deep dive into the dynamic challenges of operating an investment fund. This event not only offered fund managers a platform to showcase gender lens investment opportunities on the African continent but also equipped them with essential tools and frameworks to navigate these challenges effectively.

“Participating in the 2X Ignite fund manager boot camp provided invaluable insights, illuminating the critical role of warehousing capital for emerging female fund managers,”

said Michael Brill, Senior Portfolio Manager for Equity and Fonds at KFW. This highlights the impactful knowledge transfer facilitated by Strategy Tools during the boot camp.

The 2XI Africa GP Sprint, a six-month accelerator program, was also launched at this event. This program aims to boost the fundraising journey of women/diverse-led fund managers with gender-smart investing strategies across Africa. Selected through a rigorous three-stage process, the cohort includes fund managers with diverse investment strategies and market approaches.

The eleven selected Fund Managers are:

  1. Janice Rudo Sambaza and Rufaro Maunze-Bhebhe, Aisiki Capital
  2. Jenni Chamberlain, Altree Kadzi Gender Climate Fund
  3. Maelis Carraro, Catalyst Fund
  4. Amanda Kabagambe, East Africa Growth Impact Fund
  5. Nyeji Mhango and Yvonne MPala, Equifund 1
  6. Hilina Resom and Addis Alemayehou, Kazana Fund
  7. Diago Dieye, Khuwaylid Capital Fund I SAS
  8. Aissatou Le Blond, Opera Green Industry Capital 4.0
  9. Yvonne Ofosu-Appiah and Mandy Nyarko, Sahara Impact Ventures Fund I
  10. Amaka Okechukwu Opara, WEAV Capital
  11. Egla Ntumba and Jill Curr, MsFT Ventures

This initiative, co-hosted with and supported by Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) and FSD Africa, underscores the collaborative effort to foster inclusive growth and gender-smart investing in Africa. Dr. Dorothy Nyambi, President and CEO of MEDA, stated,

“This partnership is vital for MEDA’s mission to foster job creation, shared prosperity, and inclusive growth in Africa.”

FSD Africa’s focus on accelerating early-stage capital mobilisation, particularly for women and diverse GPs, was also highlighted by Mary Kashangaki, Assistant Manager for Early-Stage Finance at FSD Africa. She shared,

“2X Ignite’s immersive boot camp gave me insight into the journey GPs travel to effectively deploy a fund, shedding light on the challenges they often face along the way.”

The selected fund managers will work closely with the 2X Ignite team, an extended team of strategic advisors, and investment professionals from Strategy Tools and 2X’s global network. This collaboration aims to provide concrete feedback, tackle priorities, and ensure these fund managers are best positioned for their fundraising journey.


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