Mar 5, 2020 at 2: 54 pm

A Living Strategy Lab in Brazil – Powered by Strategy Tools

Jolene Foo-Hodne



Strategy Tools is excited to be partnering with ExoHub to launch the world’s first StrategyLab – powered by Strategy Tools in Porto Alegre, Brazil on March 24, 2020.

The StrategyLab will be held in a space specially adapted for research processes, ideation, experimentation and application of the world’s most modern methodologies and strategic thinking.

Tiago Grandi, Strategy Tools Director in Brazil, and Michel Costa, ExoHub CEO, explained that the initiative aims to bring theory and practice, research and application, closer together.

“There is a proper place for doing that, now. ExoHub has prepared an environment for simulation and exploration accessible to companies, inserted in the real world”.

Tiago added that “Strategy Tools has a global team of strategists who are going to share their experience and knowledge to train strategists and organisations to compete in the new economy”.

According to European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), living labs are “User-centered [in that case, the strategist], open innovation ecosystems based on a systematic co-creation approach”. Characterized by real-world experimenting, with a practical approach, StrategyLab will be the company’s first initiative in the world.

Inspired on the ideas of Rita McGrath, Clay Christensen, Gary Hamel, Henry Mintzberg among other great names in the discipline, Strategy Lab will gather business owners, executives, investors, entrepreneurs, faculty members and researchers of different contexts – business, government and universities.

Christian Rangen, founder and CEO of Strategy Tools comments:

“StrategyLab is a pilot-program to train and develop strategists for the future. User-centred, real life environment, open innovation approach – we are willing to create a whole new school of strategy based on our entire platform of tools, software, simulations and people.


WHEN: March 24, 2020 | 19:00
WHERE: ExoHub, Cândido Silveira street, 198, 5th floor
WHO: Business leaders, investors, executives, entrepreneurs, studants, teachers, researchers.
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ExoHub is the result of a collaboration between Feevale University, the consulting boutique OpenInnovationLab and the law firm Cabanellos, among other sponsors and investors.



Tiago Grandi
Country Manager, Brazil
[email protected]
+55 11 99888.9899
Strategy Tools

Michel Costa
[email protected]
+55 51 99282.2240


Jolene Foo-Hodne

Jolene Foo-Hodne


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