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A Look into the Pre-Summit Day

In this series, we are releasing a few choice excerpts from the full report. Featured today are brief overviews by Enrico Maset and Nir Melamud.

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The Strategy Tools’ Partner Success Summit 2021 was a two-day event where global experts gathered on a single platform to share insights, stories and lessons learnt over the years. The summit explored topics ranging from education, corporate strategy to entrepreneurship, clusters and ecosystems whereas the Pre-Summit day featured an intense 7-hour Scale Up! Digital session in which some new concepts were tested out and some surprises were revealed.

In this series, we are releasing a few choice excerpts from the full report. Featured today are brief overviews by Enrico Maset, a Strategy & Performance Officer at SteepConsult, and Nir Melamud, Founder & CEO of Fresh Start.


Scale Up! Digital Session: an overview by Enrico Maset

The ST Partner Success Summit started as usual with a Simulation day; this time with 15 attendees and a facilitators’ team of Christian Rangen, Rick Rasmussen, Nir Melamud, and Enrico Maset.

Partner runs are special editions with a different angle. Standard client facing runs are based on the simulation dynamics (dice, board, etc) whereas the partner runs can go into detail on simulation approach, digital assets and how to master them, and how to frame discussions with clients and partners.

In this spring edition we had a diverse audience of Startup Founders, Fund Managers, Scale Up Coaches, Consultants and of course the ST Partners. The participants hailed from Hong Kong to Silicon Valley, from Brazil to Norway.

It was great to see how fast the ST community is growing – so much richness and diversity between likeminded people.

In this Partner simulation run, we took the opportunity to test a new asset – the Outcome Canvas. The Canvas is an advanced, late-stage scale up tool which takes the investor angle, creates a series of scenarios for the scale-up trajectory, and identifies potential investor’s outcomes based on a probability and returns analysis. It requires a high-level understanding of the scale-ups ecosystem value creation and is the first ST canvas based on venture capital methodologies for assessing the likely scenarios (outcomes) for a potential investment case.

It can be used by scale up coaches, founder teams, boards, advisors, faculty and investors. The Canvas is ideal for assessing likely outcomes in an investment deal or self-assessing the likely strategic outcomes for the company.

In the pre-summit day, the group did well and was able to grasp the concept behind the canvas rapidly and use it to push towards a multi-round syndicate with success. The Feedback on the pilot was positive and we discussed how we could use it in the context of Simulations, the Scale Up Coach Program or accelerator programs.

Having run Transform! in January and now Scale-Up! In June, I must say that these ‘special’ sessions are wonderful to get to learn from fellow members of the community, and create a sense of community that fuels Strategy Tools.


Scale Up! Digital Session: an overview by Nir Melamud

Co-facilitating a 7hr Scale Up! Digital Simulation with about 20 participants from all over the world, equips you with TONS of insights regarding what you could expect from an Experiential Learning experience.

The participants, ranging from ecosystem managers, strategy consultants & startup advisors, cluster managers, VCs, Business School teachers & more, gathered to form 6 teams, competing fiercely to reach a glorified victory.

The truth is – it was so much more than experiential learning! The high-paced, energetic, multi-layered engagement is a complex tool that forces the participants to deal with various entrepreneurship & venture capital concepts simultaneously, to achieve designated goals.

This time, we were tackling the New Energy ecosystem.

Solar Energy, Recycled EV Batteries, Energy Consumption AI Mapping, and much more. All are real-life startup cases, embedded integratively
within the simulation. New ecosystem characteristics generate new Investors, new concepts (SPAC, Outcomes …), new tools, and visual canvases. All were exercised and discussed.

We journeyed through basic concepts, such as business models, pitching & simple term sheets, to reach highly advanced topics such as outcome odds, long-term funding roadmap strategies (LTFR), and complex strategic dilemmas to solve. Our lovely Super Angel came to visit with an 8% + 2% + 2% + 2% offer. And people just kept smiling, despite their uncertainties.

So many ‘A-ha’ moments. So much learning. So much fun.


In order to understand more complex Strategy Tools assets and how to embed them in your services, register for our upcoming digital simulation sessions (August 31 – September 2) here.

To read more about the many cases, experiences, perspectives and key take-aways from the Strategy Tools Partner Success Summit. Download the full report here, and learn about many new business opportunities to grow into an even more active member of the rapidly growing global community.


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