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Assess Using the Transformational Company Index

Over time, the tool will allow you to track the changes in your company’s overall TCI score and help you asses your on-going transformation.

Christian Rangen


Building on the 10 Principles of Transformation, we have developed a data-driven assessment tool, the TCI or Transformational Company Index.

Use it in 1:1 conversations, with small groups or across the entire organization. The TCI gets you a clear index score on where you stand in your Transformation Journey. Over time, the TCI will allow you to track and measure the changes in your company’s overall TCI score. This tool could become a vital data point and assessment of your on-going transformation.

If you are just getting started, we recommend running a small engagement session with your corporate strategy team or Transformation Office to involve them early in your TCI work. You can run the TCI as a group work “in the room” or “data-driven assessment” across a global organization. The choice is yours.

Learning Transformation

Transform! the Strategy and Transformation Simulation

  • Learn strategy & transformation – by ‘doing’
  • Experiential-based learning method
  • Hands-on mastery of a new strategy paradigm

As educators, it has always been a positive challenge to us, how can we help people get deeper into strategy and transformation – without actually being in the C-suite?

The answer emerged as we developed Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulation. First developed in early 2019, the advanced-level learning simulation soon found its way into management teams, clusters and business school education. Quickly, we realized we had developed a powerful learning and development tool; a tool that would allow active participants to get hands-on, physical training in Building Transformational Companies.

Since the first pilots in early 2019, we and our global partner network in places like Sao Paulo, San Jose, London, Zurich and Copenhagen have run sessions across countries and continents. Today, Transform! is being used in corporate strategy, top management, Boards, MBA & Executive MBA programs to build and develop a deeper appreciation and mastery of how to build Transformational Companies.


If you want to dig deeper into the tools, case studies and methodology behind Building the Transformational Company, register here for our 5 week online certification program starting on September 16, 2021. For more insights on how to build your own transformational company, download the full report here.

Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen

Strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, ecosystems and governments around the world.


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