5 – 6 – 7 January, 2021

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About Booost ’21

2020 brought the biggest disruption the industry of consulting has ever witnessed. With a world in lock-down, home offices with the kids as your new noisy co-workers and airports shut down for the gold-carded road warriors – suddenly the 2020 prospect pipeline was gone, replaced by a new uncertainty for both consultants and clients worldwide.

When COVID-19 emerged, we can’t say we were ready, but we had some ideas, some building blocks and enough technology in place to see a different path emerge for 2020.

In the months that followed, we got the chance to collaborate, co-create and learn with our global community of users, clients and partners. From learning MIRO practices from Hege, joining webinars in Mexico, developing platform solutions for the Norwegian Government, supporting cluster development in Costa Rica and more, we were suddenly seeing the global community spring into action and collectively shape new, digital solutions to clients and users locked at home, urgently needing to move things forward.

During BOOOST ‘21 we celebrated these cases.

“In the New Year, Learn More, Not Less.”

Bill Fischer

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