5 – 6  January, 2022

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Welcome to Booost! ’22

The yearly event for the global partner community is designed to help you kickstart the new year. Build new networks, connect with like-minded strategy experts and get the case studies you need to win new business in the new year.

Booost! ’22 is open to all ST Partners, both current and prospective, including friends they may want to bring along.

This year, we upped the antes to bring you a fabulous list of international speakers, success stories from our community, Business Development boost, and much more.

We are particularly proud to get Jessica Espinoza, Chair of the 2X Challenge to share their work on how the world’s biggest challenges can be solved through innovative financing. We have had the chance to work with and learn from Jessica over the past year and we come away highly impressed with the work happening across the 2X community.

We are also thrilled to welcome the co-authors of two excellent books, Open Strategy and the Swiss Angel Investor Handbook. Professor Christian Stadler (Austrian), is the co-author of Open Strategy. In his talk, he will share how opening the strategy process can lead to a new paradigm in strategy. 

Joining us from Zurich, Switzerland, is our good friend Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer. Thomas left academia for Google and would later become a serial entrepreneur and Super (business) angel in Switzerland.

Recently, he co-authored the Swiss Angel Investor Handbook, a superb playbook to angel investing. In his talk Thomas will share both how and why Switzerland is quickly becoming the unicorn factory of Europe.

Stay tuned for more updates on the excellent speakers you will meet in January.

This is a great chance to network, exchange, and shape your start to the new year. Join Booost!, get inspired for a 2022 full of opportunities.


Day 1


5th Jan 2022, 14:00 – 21:00 CET

Seats for 5th January are full.

Get hands-on with how to build a venture fund, how to invest like a VC, and how to create returns like Tiger Global. You will be working in small teams to build and scale the most successful venture firm. You will be competing with up to six other venture firms, all chasing unicorns, dragons, and above-market returns. As always, navigate booms, busts, tax frauds, IRR calculations, strategic dilemmas, allocation strategies, follow-ons, Softbank, multiples, and deal negotiations….

This is the much-sought after global launch of Fund Manager! – developed by Christian Rangen, Rick Rasmussen and the global Strategy Tools community.

Fund Manager! Intro

Main Day

6th Jan 2022, 14:00 – 18:00 CET

Digital doors open at 13:00. Join early for the networking and community.

PART I | 13:00 – 15:40 CET


Digital doors open

Networking and community


Opening welcome

Enrico Maset & Scott B. Newton


Shaping the Partner Journey

Enrico Maset


Tackling the world’s biggest challenges through innovative venture financing

Jessica Espinoza, Chair 2X Challenge

Introduced by Jona Repishti, MIT D-Lab


Open Strategy – a New Paradigm in Strategy

Professor Christian Stadler,

Co-author Open Strategy

Introduced by Christian Rangen, Strategy Tools


Building a Great, Enduring Company Requires Getting Your Go-To-Market Strategy Right

Donald B. Hawthorne, CEO, Advisor and strategy consultant

Introduced by Scott B. Newton


The Mexican Strategy Officer – key findings

Javier Sevilla, CEO, Strategy Advisor, NVK

Introduced by Rick Rasmussen



Part II – Breakout Sessions | 16:00-16:45 CET

Breakout Room 1: Entrepreneurship & Capital

Moderated by Rick Rasmussen


Moderated by Rick Rasmussen


Bringing smart liquidity to the VC and PE markets

Kevin Monserrat, Co-founder, Consilience Ventures, Deeptech seed capital


Is it raining Unicorns? Snapshot from the Israeli scale-up scene

Nir Melamud, Founder CEO of FreshStart, Scale Up Coach

Breakout Room 2: Leadership in COVID

Moderated by Enrico Maset


Moderated by Enrico Maset


From KPMG to the Global Partner Network: Selling BTC to Latin American Clients

Glenn Tjon, Strategy & Transformation Advisor


Developing Serbia’s national Supercluster Team – 100% remote

Ljubisa Petrovic, Serbia  & Roberto Chaverri, Costa Rica


Break | Head to your next session

Part III – Breakout Sessions | 17:00 – 17:35 CET

Breakout Room 1: Putting Sims into Action

Moderated by Victor Haze


Moderated by Victor Haze


Case: Northeastern

Javier Sevilla, Transformation Expert, Certified Transform! facilitator


Case: Katapult

Nir Melamud, Founder CEO of FreshStart, Scale Up Coach


Case: ING Poland

Greg Dubrucki, Transformation expert, Certified Transform! facilitator

Breakout Room 2: Open Track on Business Development

Moderated by Enrico Maset


How can you accelerate your business development with the Strategy Tools Community?

Enrico Maset

Part IV: Plenary Closing | 17:40 – 18:00 CET


Angel Investing in the Booming Swiss Ecosystem

Thomas Dübendorfer, Serial Entrepreneur, Super Angel, President, Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC)

Co-author,  Swiss Angel Investor Handbook


Closing Remarks

Christian Rangen



“In the New Year, Learn More, Not Less.”

Bill Fischer

Get last year’s post-summit report

2020 brought the biggest disruption the industry of consulting has ever witnessed. With a world in lock-down, home offices with the kids as your new noisy co-workers and airports shut down for the gold-carded road warriors – suddenly the 2020 prospect pipeline was gone, replaced by a new uncertainty for both consultants and clients worldwide.

In the months that followed, we got the chance to collaborate, co-create and learn with our global community of users, clients and partners. 

During BOOOST ‘21 we celebrated these cases.

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