Building the Transformational Company

The framework for successful business transformation strategy.


Are You Ready to Make Transformation Happen?

The need for transformation is picking up across virtually every industry. Yet, few companies are set up for this. The Building the Transformational Company online program teaches the 10 principles in detail and equips you to lead large-scale transformation projects in your own organization. Get access to exclusive tools that allow you to successfully lead transformation with your clients or your company. Five weeks, five modules and five live webinars led by author Christian Rangen. This program is ideal for teams and large groups.

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What is Your Transformation Score?

“Why is there a need to transform?” was one of the questions that have been coming up quite frequently after we published the report Building the Transformational Company

We have developed a tool that can guide you on this journey. Take the test to get your transformation score.

I had the great pleasure of taking Strategy Tool’s “Building the Transformational Company” in the Autumn of 2020 and it was personally revelational. The canvas that visualized the political support that I might have for a major transformation was a gut-punch for me, as I recalled my own leadership dilemmas from the past and suddenly it was all obvious why I had found myself so frustrated in my inability to move the organization. How I wished that I knew then, what Strategy Tools has helped me see so clearly now!

Bill Fischer

Senior Lecturer, MIT/Sloan School of Management

Professor emeritus of Innovation Management, IMD

What You Get

5 highly interactive digital workshops with Christian Rangen

Exclusive content on how Transformation starts – only available in the online program

Work to develop your company’s transformation roadmap with Christian Rangen

6 hours of self-paced content and learning (in easily-consumed bite-sized pieces)

Exclusive access to 10 new transformation strategy tools (Canvases) – only available in the online program

Access to the Building the Transformational Company Workbook

Multiple case studies on Transformation in practice and exclusive content on how Transformation starts

The latest insights, tools and thinking on transformation and access to the global Strategy Tools Community

Jason Molesworth

Enterprise Business Agility Strategist at Agile Transformation Inc.


A fantastic deep immersion into Transformational Strategy!

I recently completed the Strategy Tools “Building the Transformational Company” program, and was really energized by the entire experience.

I have an MBA with a concentration in Strategy from a globally competitive program, and have spent several years in internal strategy leadership and external strategy consulting roles, so wasn’t sure how much of the approach was going to be new for me.

What I found, to my surprise, is something that I’ve been suspecting for some time… The relatively static, multi-year Strategy models and frameworks that I was educated in are quite simply out of date.

In today’s highly disruptive, tech-enabled markets, Competitive Strategy must be much more dynamic, experiment driven, and a permanent organizational competency.

The Strategy Tools team has done an amazing job of: 1. Bringing this reality to life in clear and compelling ways, 2. Designing a Transformational Strategy framework that is both accessible and cohesive, and 3. Providing a robust set of tools that can be leveraged to initiate the right conversations with leaders and build a rock solid foundation for an organization’s Transformational journey.

Thanks for all the work on this Chris and team – we’re all benefitting tremendously from your vision and work in this space!

A Transformational Strategy Framework for leading transformation.

The online program is built on Building the Transformational Company – a CEO Handbook. Now you get a chance to dig deeper. Learn the tools, get the insights, learn how you can successfully lead transformation.

Get a total of 10 brand new strategy tools which you can use to build successful transformation strategies for your clients, lead your strategy team and guide your top management team through shocks, shifts and evolutions.

Get the Mini Guide

This Mini Guide lays out the BTC toolkit and shares some of our suggestions on interconnecting tools for different purposes.

We hope this will inspire you to try new tools, new connections and new use cases.

 Transformation is not plug and play, you have to initiate a change, re-invent yourself and return to be a future oriented and teachable organization. Building the Transformational Company can help you plan, start, lead and structure this journey to develop new in-house strategic capabilities.

Enrico Maset

Strategy and Performance Officer,

SteepConsult (part of Positive Thinking Company Ecosystem)

Program Outcomes

Deep dive learning into how to build the transformational company

Built around the 10 principles of Transformation – this program will go deep into the tools, principles and case studies. You will work on weekly mini projects that will help you quickly understand and absorb these insights.

Analysis and insights into transformation case studies across industries

From understanding what Transformation is, to designing and leading your own transformation – you will learn from some of the world’s best and worst examples of transformation.

Lead successful transformation

During the program, you will be introduced to a set of brand new tools and methodologies that you will immediately be able to apply in your real-life role. These tools will help you lead successful transformation, either in your own company or with your clients.


“Fantastic learning experience. It’s like an MBA program, condensed into 5 weeks. It really gives you the practical skills and learning to use these tools in a strategic way within your own setting.”

Andy Green

Senior Director,
NTT Limited

Who is it for?

Strategy leaders, transformation leaders, strategy, innovation, & transformation teams

Top management and senior decision makers facing disruptive industry trends or large-scale transformation challenges

Consultants, advisers, management consultants, small consulting companies, strategy & innovation consultants

HR, L&D teams that want to build deeper transformational capacity across the firm with large group learning programs

 If you’re wanting to learn how to transformation organisations – and practise – look no further. This programme is at the cutting edge of theory, research and practice, full of fascinating case studies, stimulating frameworks and practical guidance. I loved the opportunity to learn from other experienced participants. I’ve refreshed and supplemented my skillset, mindset and practices as a result. Thank you!

David Lancefield

Director at Lancefield Ventures

Guest Lecturer at London Business School, Contributor to Harvard Business Review, Contributing Editor to strategy+business

Program Curriculum


The ‘Building the Transformational Company’ Program teaches the 10 principles of Transformation in detail and equips you to lead large-scale transformation projects in your own organization or with your consulting clients – present or future.

Module 1: What is 'Building the Transformational Company'?

Key Topics: a grand overview of Transformation, a number of small sections, followed by questions or reflection items, five tools to work on, a detailed walk-through of every tool, and ample material to get you started.

Module 2: Understanding the Landscape

Key Topics: starting the Transformation Roadmap, understanding industry shifts, mastering new ecosystems, the core-growth-explore framework, deep dive into ‘Understanding the Landscape’, 6 tools to explore, expert insights from leading strategy thinkers, and your step-by-step guide.

Module 3: Designing the Journey

Key Topics: phase 2 of the Transformation Roadmap, creating the transformation architecture, innovation strategy, learning to build business model portfolios, mastering corporate venturing, deep dive into ‘Designing the Journey’, 5 tools to explore, expert insights from leading strategy thinkers and your step-by-step guide.

Module 4: Building the Operations

Key Topics: phase 3 of the Transformation Roadmap, building new strategic capabilities, investing more, repeating the process, deep dive into ‘Building the Operations’, expert insights from leading strategy thinkers, your step-by-step guide.

Module 5: Leading Your Transformation

Key Topics: how does transformation starts, deep-dive into the transformation starters map, the nine transformation groups, final project & from learning to action.



Christian Rangen is a strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, and governments around the world. His clients span oil & gas, energy, technology, aviation, mobility, finance, consulting, and national governments. He is faculty/visiting faculty at multiple business schools in Europe. He has taught more than 20 different programs, including a wide range of Executive Education Programs, Executive Short Programs and Custom Designed Corporate Learning Programs in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, change and transformation


“The Building the Transformational Company Program helped me take new instruments, new thinking, and new cases to our clients so they can be successful.”

Scott Newton

Managing Director,
Thinking Dimensions Global Consulting

How Does Transformation Start?

The Transformation Starters Map guides you through the step-by-step process of how transformation starts. Having a tool like this can help you crack the code on the elements you need to kickstart transformation.

This brand new insight and toolkit is only available in the online learning program.

Need a Quick Preview?

The Transformation Starters Map guides you through the step-by-step process of how transformation starts. Having a tool like this can help you crack the code on the elements you need to kickstart transformation.

This brand new insight and toolkit is only available in the online learning program.

What an eye-opener and relevant to the current situation.

Thabiso Masedi

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