Corporate Solutions & Programs

From 1-day strategy workshops, 6-month strategy & transformation programs to multi-year transformation journeys. Choose the right program for you.


Get Ready for Your Transformation

Lay the foundation for a successful transformation.

The program is for internal teams. The participants may come from roles as senior management, executive, strategy, innovation, R&D, HR, Change, Transformation or mid-management. This is not an exclusive top management or executive program.

You can join with 5 or more people from different parts of the organization, or people from one unit, for example, strategy & innovation. Available from 5 to 1000’s of participants.

Transform! Digital Program

A powerful strategy & transformation solution. 100 % digital. Highly flexible format. For strategy & innovation projects, strategy programs & executive education.


Building the Transformational Company

Transformation is no longer a secret. Building the Transformational Company is a unique playbook that guides leaders and organizations through successful transformation.

Develop deep capabilities for an end-to-end successful transformation.


Develop A World-Class Strategy Team

Upgrade your strategy team – 100% online

4 week – 6 month development program for small, in-house strategy teams and networks.


Sprint to Your New Strategy

Develop a new strategy – in just five days. 

5 day intense program (3 weeks pre and 3 week post work).


Get a Strategy That Is Fit for the Future

Explore the future, develop a more strategic management team, shape your new future-fit strategy together.

6-18 month strategy (learning) journey.

Get out of the building to explore, listen and understand how your strategy needs to change to win the future.


Build & Implement Successful Growth & Explore Portfolios

We work with you step-by-step as you implement a successful growth & explore portfolios.

18-month process, split into four unique stages. Highly market- and customer-driven, with clear ROIs.


Successful Digital Transformation

We partner with you to accelerate your successful digital transformation.

Minimum 36 months, deep collaboration. A large team from the ST community side.

Let us get started on making your solution happen today

Talk to our team, develop the right program and delivery models for you. Work with both our core teams and certified local partners.

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