Strategy in the 2020s

Highly Interactive Digital Masterclass

Get new tools, insights and ideas –apply them instantly. Only two half-day sessions.

16 – 17 June, 2021 | 13:00 CET – 17:00 CET

Scott B. Newton

Christian Rangen

Gear Up for 2021

Strategy is changing. But exactly how should companies, management teams, and executives work on strategy in the 2020s? In this highly interactive, hands-on digital masterclass we explore the future of strategy, what it means for you, and how you can adapt. You get new tools and insights that can instantly be applied in your own leadership role.

You will work with global participants to understand, discuss, and master the question, ‘How Should I Work With Strategy in the 2020s?’

The Digital Masterclass is led by Scott B. Newton and Christian Rangen,

Why You Should Join

  • Strategy has changed. Did you get the memo?
  • Investing in your capabilities helps you to «Future Proof» your firm, your career, and provides new opportunities
  • Companies are still using old tools, outdated assumptions: this is a recipe for failure. You can become the Chef with the new Formula for success!
  • Earn recognition in becoming a Strategic Leader with fresh new approaches to create meaningful value
  • Have fun while updating your Strategic arsenal

Who Should Join

  • Executive management
  • Board members with a role in strategy
  • Business Unit Leaders
  • Serial Entrepreneurs
  • Strategy advisors and consultants
  • Anyone with a deep curiosity in the future of strategy

What is ‘the Future of Strategy’?

  • Strategy Systems based on long term planning are no longer effective
  • A shift away from valuing asset-intensive industry and towards fast, flexible, intellectual capital organizations requires a new approach towards Strategic Execution
  • As boards, leaders, and management accelerate their movement towards working differently, we need new tools, processes, and cultures to survive and thrive
  • A change in the logic of value creation requires the ability to reframe challenges, and this mandates a new mindset
  • Successful Strategic leaders for tomorrow recognize that execution can only move as fast as people can absorb change- dictating an entirely new approach to planning, development, and evaluation
  • Unusual partnerships, Corporate Venture Capital, and a long term «Start-Up» mentality mean we must rethink what Diversity in the organization means in 2021, and how we can build a Strategy and Values that encourage Inclusion and Adaptation


Day 1

13:00 CET

Part I
Digital Masterclass kick off
  • Participants
  • Masterclass facilitators
  • Expectations

Intro exercise: Strategy going into 2021

Tool: Strategy Intro

Part II
The Four Paradigms of Strategy

What are the four strategy paradigms?

How are leading firms winning – and losing – on strategy paradigms?

How can you apply them to change your strategy system?

Breakout exercise:  Competing and winning on strategy paradigms

Tools: Strategy Paradigms

Coffee break
Part III
Sensing your industry shifts

Do you pay enough attention to your industry changes?

How rapidly is your industry landscape shifting?

How can you compete on a new industry context?

Breakout exercise:  Mapping our industry – finding our future market space 

Tool: Industry Map

Executive reflections: day one

Key takeaways from day one and what it means for me personally.


End of day 1

Day 2

Part IV
Case study presentations   

Ping An Case study presentations              


Part V
Value Creation in strategy
  • Asset light vs. asset-heavy
  • Market cap drivers
  • Corporate venture as a strategy tool

Breakout exercise:  Strategy for value creation

Tool: Market Cap Canvas


Coffee break



Strategy execution is challenge number one for most strategists

How can you rethink how you bring strategy to life?

Get a new perspective on strategy execution in the 2020s

Breakout exercise: Strategy Execution in the 2020s  


My Strategy Roadmap

My Strategy Roadmap

Breakout exercise:  My Strategy Roadmap  

Tool: My Strategy Roadmap       


Executive reflections: day two
End of Digital Masterclass

What You Get

  • New thinking and insights you can apply immediately
  • New tools that help you reframe challenges and create Value
  • New outcomes for your company and your clients
  • Connect and collaborate with strategy leaders worldwide
  • Build your network
  • Strategy Tools Global Coaches Program (100% digital, value: €299)
  • Join the global Strategy Tools Community
  • Certification upon successful completion (Strategy Tools Digital Masterclass) that you can display through our Strategy Tools accreditation programme on LinkedIn and other professional platforms

Case study: Ping An

  • Valuation linked to tangible assets has decreased- asset-heavy organizations are not being rewarded by investors
  • Value is increasingly being attributed to intangible assets
  • Direct contact with customer is viewed positively
  • Companies that embrace the latest technology see their productivity rise sharply.

Your Trainers

Scott B. Newton

Scott Newton works with boards, CEOS, private equity, family office, senior leaders, and company owners in Fortune 1000 businesses with a particular emphasis on Middle Market companies with annual sales of €100 Million-3 Billion. With more than three decades of experience in multinational environments, Scott has assisted more than 150 leaders on five continents to develop and execute on new Strategies and embrace the «Growth Mindset».

Christian Rangen | Strategy Tools

Christian Rangen is a serial entrepreneur, strategy expert, business school faculty, speaker, author – and most recently founder and CEO of Strategy Tools. Since 2011, Strategy Tools has been used with 1000’s of companies around the world. Over the past 18 years, he has advised companies and governments globally on strategy, innovation, transformation and developing ecosystems.

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