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Teaching strategy in the mobility industry at Duke

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Combined, our Strategy Simulations, Strategy Tools and App give you a unique learning and strategy development experience.

Scale Up!

The Entrepreneurship Simulator

Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator has you step right into the shoes of a startup or scale-up company.

In the simulation, you will battle to grow your company, face obstacles typical to those of a startup and learn to strategize and scale your company against all odds. Make smart strategic choices, balance your liquidity and try to secure as much investor capital as you can without going bankrupt.

Expect a rollercoaster ride through the life of a startup founder.


The Innovation Cluster Simulator

In Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator, you are the leadership team of a new, emerging innovation Supercluster.

Your job is to build the team, grow your industry network, develop key relationships, recruit members, secure funding, and launch special projects.

That sounds like quite a list, doesn’t it? Now try to do it all without going bankrupt, and before your competitors get to the finish line.


The Strategy & Transformation Simulator

Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator brings you on a journey through the complex path to success as a thriving business.

As part of the leadership team, your responsibility is to lead this company’s transformation and reach 50 billion in valuation.

Can you maintain the existing business, optimize your current cash flow,  invest in the future and design a broad portfolio of new business models without over-investing and going bankrupt?

How it Works

Engage your bachelor students

Strategy Tools Education Solutions is a combined offering of visual canvases, rich guidebooks, high-quality content, and world-class learning simulations all bundled into one powerful learning solution.

Activate your Master’s students

You can use one of the canvases, you can design advanced learning exercises, or you can run multi-day experiential learning programs with the learning simulations; either digital or in-person.

Push your MBA students

The Solutions cover common courses and topics like strategy, leadership, team dynamics, innovation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship, venture financing, and more.

Challenge your Executive students

The Solutions are currently being used by leading business schools like CBS, DUKE, MIT, Northeastern. 

“With the simulations, people can experiment and see the outcomes of their decisions immediately. They can experiment with multiple decision frameworks and learn quickly, without making the big bets in the real world.”

Rita McGrath

Best-selling Author, Speaker, Professor at Columbia Business School

Digital Simulations Discovery Sessions


Transform! Digital Session (1PM – 3:30PM CEST, 31 August 2021)

Limited Seats – Free to attend

Scale Up! Digital Session (1:00PM –  3:30PM CEST, 1 September 2021)

Limited Seats – Free to attend

Supercluster! Digital Session (11AM – 1:30PM CEST, 2 September 2021)

Limited Seats – Free to attend

See how BI – Norwegian Business School Teaches Leadership in Action with the Transform! Simulation

“I’ve been living and teaching entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley my whole life. I’ve never seen a more unique and powerful way to help startups learn how to scale, raise financing and truly understand how to build better companies than the Scale Up! simulation. It emulates real life lessons better than any classroom lecture ever can. I’m integrating simulations from Strategy Tools into my coursework at every opportunity.”

Rick Rasmussen

Faculty, Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneuship & Technology, UC Berkley

How FH Vorarlberg Explored Experiential Learning – 100% Digital

Due to its tremendous success in 2019, FH Vorarlberg planned to run Scale Up! for its students in 2020 as well, but running an intimate on-campus bootcamp proved to be difficult due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Over three days in September 2020, Rick and Chris ran the Scale Up! Simulation for this year’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation cohort – fully digital, with participants across multiple countries and time zones.

How Copenhagen Business School Increases Its MBA Program’s Impact through Experiential Learning 

How MIT D-Lab Solves Gender Financing Challenges with Scale Up! X

“I had the great pleasure of taking Strategy Tool’s “Building the Transformational Company” in the Autumn of 2020 and it was personally revelational. The canvas that visualized the political support that I might have for a major transformation was a gut-punch for me, as I recalled my own leadership dilemmas from the past and suddenly it was all obvious why I had found myself so frustrated in my inability to move the organization. How I wished that I knew then, what Strategy Tools has helped me see so clearly now!”

Bill Fischer

Senior Lecturer, MIT/Sloan School of Management, Professor Emeritus of Innovation Management, IMD

Strategy Tools in Education

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Get Certified

Start your journey with Strategy Tools and run the digital sessions in your own classrooms.

Step 1.

Complete the Simulation Facilitator Certification Program

Take the self-paced, 100% online certification program to support your development, learning, and mastery of the simulation. Learn all the concepts and elements of the simulation and how to facilitate simulation sessions. You have the option of only purchasing the certification program, or a bundle that includes both the certification program and a physical simulation kit.

Scale Up! Simulation Certification

Online, Self-Paced, Advanced Level

from €499

Transform! Simulation Certification

Online, Self-Paced, Advanced Level

from €499

Supercluster! Simulation Certification

Online, Self-Paced, Advanced Level

from €499

Step 2.

Want to work digitally? Complete the Digital Simulation Certification Program

Consider this an add-on to the simulation facilitator certification program. This program teaches you how to use the digital strategy simulation with your clients or team. Lots of interactive simulation workshops and practice. Completion of the main Simulation Facilitator Certification required.

Scale Up! Digital Simulation Certification

Online, Instructor-Led, Advanced Level

from €499

Transform! Digital Simulation Certification

Online, Instructor-Led, Advanced Level

from €499

Supercluster! Digital Simulation Certification

Online, Instructor-Led, Advanced Level

from €499

Step 3.

Start running your own strategy simulation sessions

If you own a Strategy Simulation kit and have completed the Simulation Facilitator Certification Program, you can now start running your own face-to-face strategy simulation sessions, with a €200 self-reporting usage fee for each paid engagement.

If you have completed both the Simulation Facilitator Certification Program and the Digital Simulation Certification you can start running your own digital strategy simulation sessions by signing up for a monthly subscription which gives you access to all the boards and different elements of the digital version. The price of the monthly subscription is €999 (no per-usage fee). If you have purchased the physical kit, then you get a 50% off of this subscription for 12 months. We already have users who are signed up for the monthly subscription – using the digital sims as an offering in their business.

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Get Custom Strategy Simulations Developed for Your Organization

We custom develop Strategy Simulations for any organization, any size.

Our team has years of experience distilling complex strategies into easy-to-grasp tools and workshop formats. We work closely with both our facilitators, partners and end-clients to craft a compelling and powerful Strategy Simulation. We have previously shaped custom strategy tools for FMCG, Energy and Asian Governments.

Let’s discuss how we can custom shape a powerful strategy simulation just for your company or your clients.