How Equinor Went From Idea to Execution in Weeks, Not Months


Equinor is an international energy company with operations in 37 countries. Equinor has 22,000 employees worldwide and is one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

We recently checked in with Kristian Ebbesen Fjelde, Head of Corporate Strategy Support at global energy firm Equinor (previously known as Statoil). We were curious to see what amazing things his team had been getting up to with our strategy tools.

Here’s his story:


My team at Equinor had a fair share of challenges that we needed to tackle, and needed a systematic method to dive into those issues.

We had a clear vision of our goals, but we needed something to open up a creative space.

We had a lot of great ideas, but we were using too much time getting them ready for implementation.

In short, we wanted something that could structure this process to become fast, reliable and produce solid results.

We needed something new, crisp, something that’ll challenge our current thinking and speed up the entire process of implementing new ideas.

Kristian Ebbesen Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Support,


Strategy Coaching & Workshops

Through strategy coaching and workshops, we worked together with Christian Rangen from Engage // Innovate to come up with a solution for the Equinor Corporate Strategy Support team.

We liked how Christian worked with us as a strategy coach — where he does not dictate and tell us what to do, but instead came armed with deep knowledge on the problems we were working with and collaborated as a valuable partner.

Strategy Tools for Innovation

He also shared Engage // Innovate’s portfolio of strategy tools to the team and trained us to use them effectively.

Being equipped with a toolbox like this allows you to run pretty advanced and difficult strategy processes in an effective way.

We warmed up to the strategy tools really quickly, and worked together with Christian to modify one of the tools — the Strategic Innovation Canvas — to suit Equinor’s context.

The Strategic Innovation Canvas is now used regularly by the corporate strategy team at Equinor to create an atmosphere for creative thinking, implement new strategic innovations and draw out an action plan to take it from strategy to success.

We’ve used it to facilitate what it takes to reach our vision, and also combining it with three time horizons — near, middle, and long term.

The Strategic Innovation Canvas is invaluable for implementation. It first helps you create a vision, then shines the light on what you should do first, how you should facilitate that change around your day-to-day processes, and what needs to happen in the next 12-24 months to see it to success. You can create and base your entire strategy on this one tool alone. It is very powerful.

Kristian Ebbesen Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Support,


Several New Improvement Programs

Working together with Engage // Innovate and leveraging their range of strategy tools has led to several improvement programs in terms of working, efficiency and operations.

Library of New Ideas

The framework allows for more creative approaches and helps us let go of the dominant logic. This has led to an extensive bank of ideas for the corporate strategy team at Equinor.

A solid, effective and faster framework

It has given some of our teams a framework to design workshops in a different, more efficient, and very much faster way.

We’ve spun off ideas that were previously unheard of.

Kristian Ebbesen Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Support,


The Strategic Innovation Canvas gives us a framework to design workshops in a different way. The tool kicks off and sharpens the way we think creatively around our challenges. It helps you avoid diving into your dominant logic and frees up energy to talk about stuff that matters.

It makes it easy to facilitate discussions which has challenged us and has ultimately led to us driving some projects very differently from how we did before.

We got impactful results in weeks, instead of months

We have several examples where we’ve used a completely new way of approaching challenges. Using quick cycling, prototyping and the Strategic Innovation Canvas, we’ve managed to go from ideas to actionable programs within weeks instead of the typical 4-6 months. We collaborate and work with colleagues so that they can easily do their regular jobs in parallel to the new projects — it’s the new way we work that leads to significant results.

Learning to work differently

People get very amazed when we tell this story, but it’s basically just a different way of setting up a project and sharing information, and putting more emphasis on the ideation phase — being clear on the problem you are solving, coming up with ideas, designing the first prototype, testing it and continuing to mature the idea as long as it is viable.

The biggest sign to show that the Strategic Innovation Canvas works — the fact that we are actually using it regularly. We’ve even uploaded the tool to our cloud system so it’s easy to share among the teams.

Kristian Ebbesen Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Support,

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