Scale Up! Strategy Workshop - Developing the Swiss Ecosystem

February 5, 2020 | Zurich


How can the Swiss ecosystem grow into a leading global entreprenurship ecosystem? How can Swiss startups and scale ups successfully raise funding easier, smarter and faster? How can Swiss accelerators and ecosystem developers use new solutions to accelerate this development?

 These topics will be explored in-depth in the hands-on discovery workshop, Scale Up!


Key Takeaways

  • Get new strategy tools like the Scale Up Map and Investor Scorecard
  • Build capital strategies and funding roadmaps with Strategy Tools Accelerator Solutions
  • Experience the global success, Scale Up! entrepreneurship simulation. Used by leading business schools, accelerators and national innovation agencies around the world.

Work on Swiss ecosystem development

Get new solutions for your accelerator


Learn new strategy tools for start-ups & scale-ups

Used to Build Better Ecosystems Globally

Scale Up! Strategy Workshop is a hands-on discovery session into a brand-new methodology for building better startups, scale ups and entreprenurship ecosystems. The program is developed around the key questions “how do we build 10.000 scale ups in Europe” and “how to we build stronger ecosystems?”

Already used by accelerators in Silicon Valley, the Nordics and Ireland, national innovation agencies, government agencies, business schools from Austria to Berkeley, venture funds, national venture associations, angel clubs, scale up programs, master programs and global ecosystem developers, Scale Up! Strategy Workshop is a proven methodology that has helped startups build better scale up strategies, successfully raise funding and create significant ecosystem impact at national level over the past year.

Currently, accelerators, entreprenurship faculty, national innovation agencies and VCs are going through training programs to learn how to use the Strategy Tools Platform to better develop their startups, ecosystems and portfolio companies.



Ola S. Smeby, Investment Director Innovation Norway
Seed Capital Funds

What you get

  • Hands-on Discovery Session on Scale Up! the entrepreneurship simulator
  • Deep dive into the global funding landscape and how to build long-term capital strategies
  • A number of new visual strategy tools (canvases) you can apply at your accelerator or scale-up
  • Introduction to the Strategy Tools Platform – and how it can be relevant to building a stronger entrepreneurship ecosystem in Switzerland
  • Introduction to Strategy Tools Accelerator Solutions and the advanced level Train-the-Trainer program

“An unmatched combination for speed-learning to raise capital”

Fredrik Wittbolt, Chairman, Dynamic Documents

Who is it for

The Scale Up! Strategy Workshops is designed for accelerators, innovation agencies, ecosystem developers, early-stage investors, venture funds, startups, scale ups, mentors, advisors, banks working with early stage companies, family offices, board members, CVC teams, angels & super angels and anyone with a passion for building a better ecosystem in Switzerland and Europe.

“This afternoon has been the most educative experience in a long time. At university, we never see this (entrepreneurial finance) … but we should!”

Joël Samsinger, Co-Founder, MOOST

Why You Should Join

Join the one-day Scale Up! Strategy workshop to learn brand new methodologies and tools you can instantly apply to you startups, scale ups, accelerator or portfolio. Get hands on with founder and creator of Strategy Tools, Christian Rangen.

Get five mini-case studies on how venture funds and accelerators are working with Strategy Tools.

Upon completion of the Discovery session, you will have a number of new tools you can apply. You will also have gained a deeper understanding about building a scale up strategy and notably how to build long-term funding capital strategies – a massive challenge for both companies and ecosystems in Europe.

Get Your Ticket

The No. 1 Challenge

The challenges for startups and scale-ups are many, but in our experience “Investor Development” might be the toughest. Having founded, co-founded, invested in, supported or mentored more than 100 startups, we often find that most teams have zero idea how to think about investors, how to build a funding strategy or how to think about their long-term value development.

Finding and identifying the right investors, how to approach them, how to find the right type of investor for the right stage, how to build a long-term investor base – this all seems to be a black box to many.

Solving This Challenge

We want to help solve this. The Scale Up! solution is a broad-based solution with tools, canvases, simulation, training programs and more to help key ecosystem developers learn and apply these solutions in their local or national ecosystems

In this one-day Discovery session, you will get a deep dive into the Scale Up! solution and how it may help grow the Swiss ecosystem.

“The most astonishing is you talk about these topics so much on a high level but to understand it in detail, it is difficult. You can actually only get the experience when you do it.

You can’t find details of angel and VC investments or exits on the internet, not if you search and if, without all the details. Until now you need to be part of deals to learn these things. Here you can learn them. This is great.

It explains a topic that is always talked about but is rarely understood.”

Matthias Zwingli, Digital Switzerland


Led by global strategy & transformation expert Mr. Christian Rangen.

  • Europe’s challenges – building future ecosystems
  • 10.000 Scale Ups
  • Strategy Tools Platform – to build better ecosystems

Five case studies on accelerators and VCs in Europe and US using the Strategy Tools Platform


Building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem

Deep dive into the strategy tools  startup series 

You will get a hands-on introduction to:

  • The Scale Up Map
  • The Long-term Funding Roadmap
  • The Investor Map
  • The Investor Scorecard
  • 6X Company Development
from discovery to action

Three steps to grow the Swiss ecosystem

coffee break

Closing of workshop, Part I

building innovation superclusters

Introduction session

This bonus session is dedicated to a 2 ½ hour working session on Innovation Superclusters.
You will get multiple case studies, tools and hands-on simulation discovery session on Supercluster!


Closing of workshop, Part II

Learn the Tools

  • The Scale Up Map
  • The Long-term Funding Roadmap
  • The Investor Map
  • The Investor Scorecard
  • 6X Company Development

Proven Strategy Simulation

The participants will get a unique chance to experience the ground-breaking Strategy Simulation, Scale Up! Taking on the active role of a management team, you have to guide the capital strategy development and scale up journey.

Scale Up! is used by leading business schools, executive MBA programs, Accelerators, National Innovation Agencies, Boards of Directors, Top Management Teams, Strategy Leaders, and innovation clusters to develop more successful start-ups.

About Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen is an advisor to companies, ecosystems, innovation clusters and governments around the world. 

He works extensively with accelerators, national innovation agencies, government programs and venture players to develop better entreprenurship ecosystems. He works with governments to build Innovation Superclusters in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Chris has developed multiple accelerators, both in venture building, growth and corporate. He has personally founded or co-founded more than 20 companies, scaling multiple to international traction and significant value development. He is a strategy advisor to venture funds, family offices and national venture- and funding programs.

He has developed and taught multiple training programs for scale up & capital at the European level, both at business schools and innovation agencies. He is mentor and advisor to accelerators in the US, China and Europe.

Over the past few years, Chris has developed multiple startup tools, software apps and training programs on ecosystem development, all available on the Strategy Tools Platform. His tools and frameworks are being taught in business schools worldwide.  

He is currently supporting multiple new venture funds with strategy, fund raising and reinventing the process of VC funding.

He cares deeply about the future of European tech companies and how to build a better pan-European ecosystem.

About Strategy Tools

Strategy Tools is a global strategy tech platform that help companies rethink and change how they work on strategy. We combine a new playbook on strategy, with new tools and solutions to drive a new way of doing strategy. The platform is used by 1000’s of companies to create better business results, build better ecosystems and educate future business leaders. Our customers are business leaders, corporate strategists, consultants, scale ups, accelerators, ecosystems, governments and education. Together, we help build deep new capabilities combining software, training and projects to create business impact.

 Our enterprise software platform has users in 100+ countries, customers in 65+ countries and run large platform projects in multiple countries.

 With our global partner network, we serve clients and projects from Australia to Brazil.

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