Q1 2025

Fund Manager! Bootcamp

What Is It?

The Fund Manager! Bootcamp is a deeply immersive digital workshop on how to build and scale early-stage venture funds. The Bootcamp is built around the Fund Manager! simulation, but also goes beyond that with mini-lectures and advanced exercises content. Consider this an interactive, hands-on, crash course in how to build and succeed with a venture fund. We cover the entire lifecycle of a fund from team formation, structuring and raising your fund from LPs, strategy of investing, value-creating, pushing towards successful exits all driven by fund metrics.

Why Should I Join?

Get hands-on experience with the brand new Fund Manager! simulation

Learn the end-to-end journey for building a successful venture fund

Learn how to use a series of new Fund Manager Series Strategy Tools

Work with a team of pretty smart and very nice people

Connect with a global group of people interested in venture capital funds

Have a great time!

How Does It Work?

Apply below.

Before the program starts, you will receive a list of suggested reading materials (light).

Dates: Q1 2025

Who Should Apply?

The Bootcamp is open to anyone. Anyone can apply to join.

Most likely, you are already working in venture capital, corporate venture capital, or somewhere in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Maybe you are a business angel? Maybe an early-stage investor? Maybe you coach venture funds – or startups? Perhaps you run a family office?

Or you are a financial analyst looking to break into the wonderful world of venture capital? Perhaps you work in a government agency or NGO looking to spur venture capital investment in your region.  Or maybe you are business school faculty, teaching entrepreneurship, finance or venture capital?

Possibly, you are a consultant, looking to expand your services and your own knowledge and expertise. Perhaps you are simply just interested to learn more. Maybe you are already a Strategy Tools Partner?

Anyone can apply to join.

“Fund Manager! beautifully compresses the entire lifecycle (think 7 – 12 years) of a fund into a 3-day, fast-paced, competitive and enormously fun collaborative learning experience”

Yash Biyani
Founder, Sector 7
Newton Venture Program Alumni

Read about the Fund Manager Bootcamp experience at the Newton Venture Program

Key Roles on Your Team

Each team will have between two and five participants on the fund’s team.


The Managing Partner is overall responsible for the team and the fund’s performance. Make sure to develop your fund’s economic model, value creation style and exit plays.


The Fundraising Director leads all work towards Limited Partners and investors into the fund. Expect a lot of meetings and a lot of nos.


You are charged with all investment decisions. Maybe you want to have an Investment Committee; maybe not.


You are tasked with scouting, analyzing and tracking all relevant startups. You need to feed the Investment Director with brilliant cases and investment opportunities.


The Fund Manager is running the day-to-day fund operations. Keep your eyes glued to the economic model, the cash liquidity, portfolio modelling, return modeling and overall fund reporting and performance. Busy lifestyle ahead.

What You Will Experience

You and your team are all emerging fund managers. You are setting up your first time fund. You will need to develop your investment thesis, fund strategy & fund economics. Next, you need to raise LP funding, invest in promising startups, generate exits and value and finally create monster returns for your investors.

What Is Your Investment Thesis?

Start by defining your investment thesis, your fund strategy, value creation strategy, financial model, fund economics, IC workflow and more.

Can You Raise LP Financing?

Meet 100’s of potential Limited Partners. Can you find the right mix of LP investors that fit your fund?

Can You Deliver Portfolio Growth and Exits?

Once you start investing, you also start supporting, scaling and developing your portfolio. Can you find just the right mix of Portfolio Growth and Exits?

Can You Deliver On Your Value Creation?

When you were just starting out you likely set yourself lofty targets? After years of work, now you need to deliver. Can you chase down Unicorns, Decacorns, and Dragons?

Feedback Board from the Previous Fund Manager! Bootcamp

Read about the Fund Manager Bootcamp experience at the Newton Venture Program

Work with visual strategy canvases – developed exclusively for emerging fund managers

Fund Manager! Brings 20+ visual strategy frameworks to the table. From strategy, fund raising, value creation or Outcome canvases, we have developed a rich collection of visual tools – exclusively designed to help fund managers become successful.

My LP Map

Who are the Limited Partners you have your eyes on? How do you find just the right LPs for your fund? My LP Map is designed to help you accelerate your entire fund raising process.

First Time Fund Manager Map

The First Time Fund Manager Map helps you map out your strengths and weaknesses, then guide you in shaping the right fund strategy to match your strengths.

First Time Fund Strategy Map

The Fund Strategy Map helps the team map out the high-level strategy for the fund and uncover any traps or assumptions that could bring the initiative crashing down.

Does it require any pre-existing knowledge?

No, it does not. You are not required to be familiar with early-stage financing and venture funds – but it will help.   There are metrics but it’s basic math and we provide templates to guide you.

Will there be any prework?

Yes, we will provide some light reading that can help you prepare. This will be a collection of short articles and blog posts. Nothing heavy. No academic articles from the Journal of Business Venturing or Venture Capital: An International Journal of Entrepreneurial Finance.

How do I apply?

Register for the event. We will send you a confirmation and event details via e-mail.

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