Fund Manager! Digital

Digital Simulation Facilitator Certification (DSFC) is a 100% online training and certification program for one of the Fund Manager! simulation.  Once certified, you become a certified Digital Simulation Facilitator. This allows you to use the digital strategy simulation with your clients, students, or colleagues.

How it Works

1. Three live digital training sessions

4 hours each, total of 12 hours. The majority of work happens in three live digital training sessions. These three sessions are spread over a four week period, to allow you to reflect and practice between sessions.

2. Digital program and self-reflection

You will have access to a short online program with a small number of project work assignments to complete. These assignments are developed to support your learning and your business development with digital simulations.

3. Your own training

This is done at your own pace, with people, friends, clients, or partners at your end.
The goal is for you to get minimum of three hours of ‘outside training’ to develop your own skills during the program.

What You Get Out of It

Fully certified on the digital Strategy Tools Simulation, you can:

  • • Run digital sessions with your clients – from anywhere in the world
    • Guide participants through an immersive, digital journey spanning the entire fund life cycle.
    • Educate fund managers on the intricacies of venture capital and private equity through dynamic digital content.
    • Design and develop entirely new Executive Education programs – designed for digital delivery
    • Use innovative digital simulations to run client events and open discovery sessions
    • Invent new, digital ways of working with your global clients – without ever leaving the comforts of your home.


How much time should I plan for?

The total time commitment is around 15 – 16 hours. This includes three live digital training sessions and your own outside training workshops. You may want to allocate even more time, to really allow yourself to go into the advanced levels and start designing your own sessions early on.

Can I certify my team?

Yes, you are welcome to sign up your team or group of co-workers or faculty.

How much does it cost?

The digital training is €499. Once certified you have the option of using Fund Manager! Digital with our monthly subscription model of €200/per month.

Do you offer in-company certification programs?

Yes, we do. Contact us for more information at [email protected].

Can you run the sessions for us?

Yes, we can. Our global network of certified Fund Manager! Experts can work with you for both the digital and physical version of Transform!

Do I need previous strategy experience?

No, you don’t. But you will find it much easier to grasp the concept, challenges, and canvases if you have relevant experience.

Update your strategy toolkit.
Become a certified Fund Manager! Expert today.