Cluster Leadership

Build capacity for cluster management and develop strategic cluster leadership skills.

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See what you will experience in the Global Cluster Leadership Program.

Why join the Cluster Leadership Program?

Grow your cluster leadership skills

Cluster strategy, cluster business models, personal leadership and how to build a Supercluster – you will learn the personal leadership skills for cluster success.

Learn 15 innovation cluster strategy & management tools

Open Innovation Map, Cluster Capital Strategy, Three Types of Clusters and Supercluster Pre-assessment; these are just four of the 15 tools you will learn during the program. Work on paper, PDF, digital apps or digital whiteboards, the choice is yours.

Work on your own cluster strategy project

The entire program is built around your cluster strategy project. Use this program to develop a robust, future-fit cluster strategy – or simply upgrade the strategy you already have.

“I’ve never had access to such a wide variety of materials on Clusters and Strategy before. I’m humbled and shocked at the same time at this opportunity to take a deep dive into this wonderful platform. It’s amazing! Thank you so much.”

Claire Barnouin

Executive Directed, Monterrey Aerocluster, Mexico


What you get

Building Capacity for Cluster Management

In the program you will meet and learn from a number of global cluster leaders:

Bianca Dragomir, CEO, AVAESEN (Spain)
Kendra McDonald, CEO, Ocean Supercluster (Canada)
Björgolfur Hávardsson, Innovation Manager, NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster (Norway)
Martin Hennum, Norwegian Innovation Cluster Program (Norway)
Patrick Cocquet, General Manager, Cap Digital (France)
Victor Haze, Innovation Manager, Health Valley (the Netherlands)
Merete Danielsen, CEO, Cluster Excellence Denmark and President, TCI (Denmark)
Jeremy McCrohan, Investor Relations Manager, Norway Health Tech (Norway)
and more….

“We are led through the theory, the practice, real world examples, some history and more in a very concise way. Congratulations.. I can’t wait to get started on putting all this new knowledge to work!”

Rick Rasmussen

Industry Fellow at UC Berkeley, Silicon Valley

Who is it for?

“The Global Cluster Leadership Program was an exciting combination of cluster case studies, cluster strategy and leadership exercises and interviews. Very inspirational and practical course for any cluster manager.”

Jari Aaltonen

Cluster Manager, Bloom Cleantech Cluster, Barbados

“Working with Christian Rangen and Strategy Tools has led to a more structured process both internally and when working with our cluster clients. He shakes things up, goes the extra mile and has genuinely brought great value to Innovation Norway.”

Vivian Lunde

Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway 

Program Curriculum


Introduction and program outline

Module 1: A New Cluster Landscape

Key Topics: Global Trends: The Rise of Innovation Superclusters; The Three Types of Clusters; From the Triple Helix to Pentagon; Understanding what makes a Supercluster; Designing your Supercluster strategy

Module 2: Cluster Strategy

Key Topics: Strategy for Innovation Clusters; Value Impact; The Business Models Behind Clusters; Clusters and Entrepreneurship; Strategy in Action; Case Studies

Module 3: Cluster Leadership

Key Topics: The Role of a Cluster Leader; From 5 to 8 Levels of Cluster Management; Cluster Structure; Understanding Your Cluster Members; Open Innovation in Clusters

Module 4: Cluster in Action

Key Topics: From Ideas to Action; Seeing the Impact of Your Cluster Project; Leading Change as a Cluster Champion; Reflections on Your Cluster Leadership Role Ahead

Final Project

Your Own Cluster Strategy



  • Global innovation cluster expert
  • Business School Faculty
  • Author, Building Innovation Superclusters
  • Advisor to 40+ cluster initiatives
  • Advisor to governments and ecosystems
  • Developer of 30+ Supercluster strategy tools

“The strategy tools have been a great resource to run discussions between people from many different backgrounds and companies within the clusters. It helps members structure their conversations and really dig deep into their “real” problems and challenges.”

Martin Hennum

Senior Advisor, Innovation Norway

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Preferential rate for TCI Network members

“We now have a strategy for Scale-Ups and Capital which is the direct result of working with Strategy Tools. Chris brings with him deep insight on cluster work that has been invaluable to us.”

Arild Kristensen

CEO, Smart Care Cluster

Webinar: Building Better Innovation Clusters

Published: June 17th, 12:00 CEST

How can we develop better innovation clusters? Join us for this 1-hour free webinar to get a detailed introduction to the 100% online program.


Building Innovation Superclusters

Learn how today’s clusters are driving national economic development, improving the wider innovation ecosystems and creating the companies and industries of the future.