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Get certified to facilitate impactful strategic discussions for your team or clients.

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Why Strategy Tools Global Coaches?

Learn to use 30+ Strategy Tools

Learn to use new strategy tools that are developed not just for the business challenges of today but the fast-changing industry landscapes of tomorrow.

Join a fast-growing strategy community

Strategy Tools Global Coaches provides a platform and opportunity to grow your network and connect with fellow strategists across the globe.

Grow your client business or create internal impact

In this program, you will get free access to over 30 Strategy Tools and guidebooks, as well as numerous case studies on how we use them with clients. You can then take this knowledge and apply it to your own client or internal strategy projects.

*100% risk-free. If you’ve completed the coursework but find what you’ve learned not living up to your expectations, simply let us know. We’ll make it right.


Need a Preview?

This mini course is designed to give you a taster of the full Strategy Tools Global Coaches program.

As the world changed and became smaller, faster and less certain, everything changed but somehow strategy facilitation got left behind. What the Strategy Tools portfolio does is bring strategy facilitation into the new world in a powerful, simple, accessible way. A unique and powerful resource for the strategists of our time.

James van der Westhuizen



What you get

Master powerful Strategy Tools to use in your organization or with your clients

The Certification Process

Upcoming Intakes

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The Curriculum

Webinar 1 : An Introduction

Introduction, Storytelling, Visuals & Next steps

1hr. 30min.

Webinar 2 : Deep-dive

Your use cases, deep-dive into the tools, case studies & next steps.

1hr. 30min.

Webinar 3 : Running sessions

Running Strategy Tools sessions, debrief, key learnings so far & next steps.

1hrs. 30min.

Webinar 4: Certification

Program certification & next steps in your Strategy Tools journey.

1hrs 30min.

Christian Rangen

Program Director


Get certified as a Global Coach for only €149

The program includes:

  • Strategy Tools Global Coach Certification
    One-time fee €149. Paid upon start of program.
  • Access to all Strategy Tools and materials
  • Using the Strategy Tools and materials with your clients
    Annual licensing membership fee, Starting in 2020.
  • Participating in Masterclasses
    25% discount off listed price
  • Hosting Masterclasses and events in your city
    50 – 50 profit split, after all costs
  • Other projects
    Case-by-case basis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Strategy Tools?

Strategy Tools started in 2011, as Christian Rangen’s PhD project, but quickly turned into a private research institute. Since 2011, the toolkit has been evolving. In 2019. we relaunch, with a new software platform and high growth targets.

What can I do with it?

Once you are comfortable, you can do pretty much anything you like – as long as you behave nicely. Use the tools in your own thinking, your in-house strategy work, run innovation teams, grow your consulting business, work with governments or business school faculty. It’s all up to you.
Right now, get the tools in PDF & JPEG.  Cloud solution coming in 2019.

Who uses Strategy Tools?

The tools have been in use with 100’s of organizations since 2011, including Malaysian Government, Asian consulting firms, telecoms, energy, utilities, tech, industrials, finance, Swiss startups and Brazilian real estate developers, etc.

What is the impact from using Strategy Tools?

The impact varies from use case and context. The tools have helped launch billion dollar value corporate programs, secure significant startup funding and been the foundation for large-scale strategic transformation.

What if I'm not happy with the outcome of the Strategy Tools Global Coaches?

Our previous programs have received highly positive feedback from our participants. We strongly believe that the STGC program will add value to you as a strategy facilitator, if not, simply reach out to us and we will make it right.

What happens if I have to miss a webinar?

While we recommend you attend all webinars live to participate in an interactive discussion, don’t worry if you have to miss one as we record all our webinars so you will get access to a recording and slides.

Learn to utilize a powerful suite of Strategy Tools and build your expertise

Strategy Tools is truly exciting.

Professor Rita McGrath

Columbia Business School.
World Top 10 Business Thinker

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