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 While Strategy Tools is used by anyone working on strategy – from the boardroom, startups to government cluster managers – the Strategy Tools Global Coaches program best fits independent consultants, internal strategy facilitators, mentors and business advisors looking to create impact for their clients or internally. We currently have hundreds of certified Strategy Tools Global Coaches in all geographies using Strategy Tools to create impact within their companies and with clients.

Master Powerful Strategy Tools

  • Action-based program that helps you maximize your strategic impact using powerful Strategy Tools
  • Access more than 30 Strategy Tools and Guidebooks
  • 3 Modules with nearly 5 hours of bite-sized content
  • Exclusive monthly live webinars and Q&As with Christian Rangen based on the most current strategy topics
  • Numerous relevant case studies on Strategy Tools
  • Advanced facilitation and Masterclass techniques that you can apply immediately
  • Grow your network and connect with fellow strategists
  • 365 days of access to program material and any new updates to the program

Program Outcomes

Learn how best to apply Strategy Tools to your work

Learn to use new strategy tools that are developed not just for the business challenges of today but the fast-changing industry landscapes of tomorrow.

Join a fast-growing strategy community

Strategy Tools Global Coaches provides a platform and opportunity to grow your network and connect with fellow strategists across the globe.

Grow your client business or create internal impact

In this program, you will get free access to over 30 Strategy Tools and guidebooks, as well as numerous case studies on how we use them with clients. You can then take this knowledge and apply it to your own client or internal strategy projects.

Program Curriculum


Program outline and resources

Module 1: Introduction

Key Topics: What is Strategy Tools; 8 Series: 50+ Tools & 3 Sims; Case Studies; Interactive Exercises; Strategy Intro; Industry Shifts Map; Scale Up Map; Visual Thinking & Strategy; How to Use Strategy Tools: 10 Examples; The Importance of Storytelling; Mini Assignment: Questionnaire

Module 2: Finding the right tools for you

Key Topics: Common Use Cases; Picking the Right Tools for the Job; Two Lenses on Strategy; Industry Map; Innovation Strategy; Innovation Pyramid; Three Levels of Business Models; Investor Map; Interconnectivity

Assignment 1: Planning Document

Module 3: Stategy Tools in Action

Key Topics: The Problem-Solution-Fit Approach to Strategy Tools; Strategy Processes vs. Strategy Journeys; 11 Mini; How to Design Workshops, Programs, Projects; Three Rules for Great Design; Design Templates; Designing Great Programs; Proposal Walkthrough; Your Path with Strategy Tools

Module 4: Reflecting on your own use cases

Key Topics: Your Use Cases; Customer Strategy Challenge; Strategy Tools Value

Assignment 2: Debrief Document



Christian Rangen is a strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, and governments around the world. His clients span oil & gas, energy, technology, aviation, mobility, finance, consulting, and national governments. He is faculty/visiting faculty at multiple business schools in Europe. He has taught more than 20 different programs, including a wide range of Executive Education Programs, Executive Short Programs and Custom Designed Corporate Learning Programs in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, change and transformation

Need a Quick Preview?

The Transformation Starters Map guides you through the step-by-step process of how transformation starts. Having a tool like this can help you crack the code on the elements you need to kickstart transformation.

This brand new insight and toolkit is only available in the online learning program.

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