Dec 15, 2021 at 12: 16 pm

Introducing Strategy Tools’ Global Partner Manager: Enrico Maset

Say hello to the latest addition to the team, Global Partner Manager Enrico Maset! We're excited to have him join Strategy Tools.



As the Strategy Tools partner community grows larger, we are expanding our team to welcome new Global Partner Manager Enrico Maset, who comes armed with more than a decade of experience in strategy, consulting, and advisory services.

Enrico has been a part of the the Strategy Tools community for two years and has been an active contributor to the ST Global Partner Network, participating in our global events, facilitating simulation workshops and writing thought-leadership pieces for the Strategy Tools reports.

“It is a great privilege to have Enrico join the team, with the capacity he brings on board, and I’m excited to see his contributions to the global partner community,” said Strategy Tools founder Christian Rangen.

Residing in Brussels, but hailing from Italy, Enrico has a 15-year track record of working across a broad span of functions – he has worked across several roles, including business analyst, program manager, partner manager, performance officer, consultant and advisor.

“With Enrico joining the team, we hope to serve our partner community even better and create even stronger impact” added Rangen.

Enrico thrive in the face of complex challenges where he can put his systems thinking and futures studies approach in action.

“I start with people, mindsets, and build common ground. I find satisfaction in guiding people and organizations through uncertainties to build better futures.” said Enrico Maset.

The global partner community can look forward to working closely with Enrico to expand their client offerings, develop larger projects and overall utilize Strategy Tools as an engine of growth.

“I hope to give existing partners the support they need to deliver larger solutions and bring improved value to their clients. My goal is to build an engine of growth for all our partners – no challenge is too big if you are part of a movement.” Enrico said.



Jolene Foo-Hodne is Co-Founder, VP Content & Communication at Strategy Tools.


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