Partner Profile: Harvey Wade, Innovate21


Harvey Wade is an experienced innovation leader who drives business impact from transformation and change programs. Harvey founded Innovate21 to help organisations successfully innovate today to create new value for tomorrow. With 15 years experience in formal innovation roles, he knows what it takes to create, drive and sustain improvement in organisations. Harvey is a Strategy Tools Global Coach and Certified Simulation Facilitator.

You can reach Harvey at [email protected].


Hi Harvey, can you tell us a bit about how you are using Strategy Tools?


Being certified as a ST facilitator has really opened new doors of opportunity for me. I’m very experienced in innovation strategy and tools, and I was finding that it was hard to stand out from the crowd of other providers. I’ve seen a great deal of interest in the simulation and overall solution – there really is not anything else out there.

I also completed the Global Coaches training which enabled me to get familiar with all the canvases. I’ve used these with different clients to unlock conversations, and apply the Three Levels of Business Models for my own business. Eating my own dog food I guess!


Can you share with us a short, recent client case?


I was working with a group of leaders from an energy company, helping them to develop their transformational capabilities.

These leaders were overseeing a great variety of operations, from building and running power stations to leading a customer contact centre. They were all very busy, but this meant that they were not thinking about the future and what that could mean for them. I used the Industry Map canvas to get them to map what their industry was like now and what was coming at them in the future. It was hard for them to complete, it really highlighted their gaps in awareness and knowledge – this was the intention!

As a result, they had to go away and find the answers, and they then were going to run the exercise with their teams to drive alignment a focus. As leaders, they realised that if they weren’t thinking about the future, then who is?


What are the next steps in your Strategy Tools partner journey?


I’d like to see a network of strategy coaches that we can tap into and partner with. I see the next steps of my business is to partner and work with others to have bigger and greater achievements!

I am looking forward to having more of the “corporate” focused canvases on-line so I can use them virtually with clients and increase collaboration. These are coming soon.

I’m also joining the Master Trainer Program in January, where I am looking forward to learning more Jedi mind tricks from Christian that I can use with my clients!

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