Nov 18, 2019 at 12: 23 pm

Hello, Ecosystem Series

Christian Rangen


Understanding and mastering ecosystems is becoming a key part of strategy in the 2020’s. That is why we have created the brand-new Ecosystem Series, the next chapter of strategy tools.

This week we released four new strategy tools, all under the Ecosystem Series. Our goal; to help companies, executives and ecosystem developers understand, build and eventually master ecosystems. Already, the tools have been picked up by our global community and being used from Australia to Brazil.

For the past six years, we have done extensive work on ecosystem development in hot spots around the world. From working with accelerators in Bergen to Governments in Asia and Innovation Parks in Switzerland, we have seen many, many sides of ecosystem development. In Norway, we have worked on the private side, to fund, build and scale national impact programs, while also advising government and national innovation agencies on how to build better ecosystems.

But we have not been alone. Far from it. During that time, a growing body of knowledge has emerged around ecosystem development. Crucial, has been the many conversations and discussions with our dear friends at the Norwegian Innovation Cluster Program, Martin an Kristianne, our overseas friends at Mach49, to the coffee table book Startup Genome, the highly recommended analysis on Global Tech Hubs by CB Insights, excellent HBR articles by Michael Jacoby on In the Ecosystem Economy, What’s Your Strategy, extensive writings on platform-based business models (which often include ecosystems as an integrated part of the best platforms), and now, the world’s leading management conference, the Global Peter Drucker Forum, hosting its 11th year, with the theme The Power Of Ecosystems.

Ecosystems, it seems, are all around. 

So, it is in this spirit, we now push forward with the Strategy Tools Ecosystem Series. The first four tools are available now, with several more in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond.

 For now, we hope you may find these tools useful in building a better ecosystem. We invite our global community to both provide feedback, early experiences, share case studies and collaborate to further develop better strategy tools for the growth and development of ecosystems.

Ecosystem Canvas

Are you trying to grasp a brand new ecosystem? Then the Ecosystem Canvas is for you. Designed to provide a broad lens on ecosystems, the Canvas helps make sense of brand new environments, landscapes, industries, and ecosystems. Are you building a new startup in a new field, leading a corporate exploration unit or a venture fund looking to invest in an entirely new ecosystem? Well, then the Ecosystem Canvas is for you.

Get it at Strategy Tools Ecosystem Canvas

Ecosystem Shakers Map

How well do you know your «ecosystem movers and shakers»? We believe ecosystems are made up of connections, relationships and interactions. Breath and reach of personal networks matter. Yet, some ecosystems have very wide and tight relationships. Others have closed and loose, producing less effective ecosystems. The Ecosystem Shakers Map allows you to map out the key «movers and shakers» and top three ecosystem initiatives – all in the spirit of building better innovation ecosystem

Get it at Strategy Tools Ecosystem Shakers Map

Ecosystem Map

Want to build a world-class innovation ecosystem? Get your hands on the Ecosystem Map. Learn from best practices in Switzerland. Start building a better innovation ecosystem today. This tool helps you map out your existing ecosystem, identify key players, build on strengths and improve weaknesses. (Greatly inspired by the Swiss tech ecosystem).

Get it at Strategy Tools Ecosystem Map

Cluster Landscape Map

Sitting at the intersection between Innovation Clusters and innovative ecosystems, the Cluster Landscape Map aims to give you a wide lens on your wider cluster landscape. The Map provides ten key areas – your ecosystem – sitting around and at the edges of your innovation cluster. The Cluster Landscape Map is designed for cluster leaders, cluster developers and anyone working at the intersection of clusters and ecosystems.

Get it at Strategy Tools Cluster Landscape Map

Good luck in shaping your ecosystem.

Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen

Strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, ecosystems and governments around the world.


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