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Next generational experiential learning

Next generation experiential learning

Business Has Changed.
Now you can Install ground-breaking learning methods straight into your classroom

Strategy Simulation

Learn how to lead a strategic transformation. Use board games, learning aids and software in one impactful solution.

Entrepreneurship in action

Improve the understanding of your learners on how Entrepreneurship actually works. Have students take on the roles as startup founders in Scale Up! – the entrepreneurship simulator.

Action learning

Move from classroom teaching to actionable learning. Learns gain skills and understanding by combining learning cases with new strategy tools

Teaching tools to accelerate learning

Transform is a powerful strategy simulation. Perfect for Executive Education, MBA, Masters and Bachelor Students.

From three hours to a full day, the learning experience can be customized by faculty and facilitators.

Learn entrepreneurship by powerful simulation. Designed for startups, scale ups and students of all ages.

Use visual tools to improve understanding and learning impact

Bring world-class Strategy Simulations to your classroom

From Theory to Real World Application

Developed by business school faculty, Christian Rangen, our learning solutions combines theory and practice to improve learning for everyone.

Christian Rangen, Strategy Tools

How it works

Book a strategy simulation

We will come to you, and run one of our globally recognized strategy simulation learning modules.

From three to 300 students

From three hours to 2 days

Train your faculty

Train & certify your own faculty. We will come to you and run our advanced two-day training & certification learning workshops. Choose from Transform! Scale Up! Or Supercluster!

You will become certified with the complete Teaching and Facilitation Kit.

Now is the time to upgrade the learning experience

Upgrade your teaching

Shift from textbooks to strategy simulation and new learning tools.

Accelerate Learning

Action learning at scale. Use case studies, board games and strategy tools.

Make Strategy Fun, And Actionable Again

Give students the most powerful strategy learning experience a classroom can give.

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