Profile: Maarten Korz


Maarten Korz has been innovating for the last 14 years. He was part of the innovation team of Rabobank in 2006. The first couple of years he was responsible for many experiments & innovation projects. After a couple of years, he became responsible of accelerating the innovation culture of the Rabobank. Maarten & his team: organized hackathons, introduced the kickbox, organized moonshot campaigns and started a large innovation ambassadors’ network inside the organization.

Since 2017 he started to advice corporate customers of Rabobank on the topic of innovation management. In 2019 he moved to Switzerland & founded InnoUpdate. He produces a weekly corporate innovation vlog and helps companies with their innovation challenges.

Since March 2020 he is helping Strategy Tools build a global community as a connector & storyteller.

You can reach Maarten at [email protected]


Hi Maarten, you are just joining us as Global Community Manager, what does that look like?


We are on a mission to transform how the world works on strategy. This is only possible when we are able to meet, support, activate and build a (very) large community around this mission.

Our understanding of ‘community success’ is not linked to #users on platform, #followers or #retweets. These things are nice, maybe even necessary, but not a ‘success’ in itself. We need to build out the tech platforms and channels to enable the community, but that is not the goal in itself.


Maarten, what are some things you hope to contribute to in the role?


I hope to support people to tell their stories, to connect people. To build a community which will become an important asset of Strategy Tools.


Finally, how can Partners, from Australia to South America, work with you to develop the community?


I would love to hear your stories, use cases, best practices, successes but also failures & learnings. Let’s be open and start sharing. Start by visiting our community at the Hub & Linkedin or send me a short email.

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