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New Report – Strategy Tools in Action

How are successful consultants using the Strategy Tools Toolkit in action? This September you can learn the answers in the brand-new report, written by the global strategy community. Here, we are sharing some early ideas on why we think this learning matters.

Christian Rangen


Over the past 18 months, more than 250 people have gone through the 100% digital Strategy Tools Global Coaches Program. Many of them are already highly successful consultants in the US, Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

We have since followed these coaches as they go out in their classrooms, client meetings, digital workshops, corporate workshops or tackling large-scale corporate transformation programs.

All the while, we have been deeply curious to follow their learning and development. Now, finally, we have a real opportunity to do just that.

Why This Report?

This summer we are writing the report Strategy Tools in Action – How Consultants Across the Globe Create Impact with Strategy Tools. We will be interviewing 15+ consultants to truly learn how they use Strategy Tools in their day-to-day work.

On a personal level, I am both excited and humbled to get a chance to do this and gather these insights. Over these 18 months, I have been very impressed with the quality and capabilities of the people we have met. From senior strategy consultants, Professors in entrepreneurship, Innovation facilitators and expert-level design thinkers, we have been able to connect and collaborate with superb people with very different backgrounds.

Now, we get a chance to ask the questions, learn about their use cases, successes and preferences; something I am truly looking forward to as we continue our pursuit of deeper learning into how we can shape the future of strategy.

A Growing Platform

The Strategy Tools Platform has been evolving, now counting more than 120 tools (canvases), 4 Simulations, 15+ online programs, 12 tools in the app and more coming.

Even more important than the platform itself, is our users, partners, global coaches and Master Trainers.

While we have developed a rich platform and toolkit, I view this as only half the equation, if not less than half. The other half, the important half, comes when people around the world are actually putting these tools to work, putting them into action. This is where the magic happens. This is where change happens.

This is really what we are looking to understand more of, from the global community. What actually happens, in all those engagements and interventions, when they bring their new tools into reality. From 1:1 CEO coaching, to digital innovation workshops and nation-building ecosystem projects, I think everyone can learn from the wide variety of use cases these global consultants are currently using as they engage with the Strategy Tools Platform in very different ways.

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One Platform – Many Journeys

“My journey with Strategy Tools has been….an accelerated learning experience touching on all stages of the business lifecycle – from Start Up, to Scale Up and established business transformation”

Andy Green, NTT, UK

Reflecting on the concept behind this report, it dawned on us how different people’s journeys are with the platform. Below are three examples of how the journey could look like to the consultants you will meet in the report.

Advanced-level journey

UK-based Andy Green is one of the community leaders that have gone through an advanced level journey with Strategy Tools. Starting out with a free discovery session in eastern London 14 months ago, to Global Coaches, Master Trainer, Simulation Facilitator and, most recently, the getting fully certified in the BTC – Building the Transformational Company, Andy exemplifies the learning spirit with the giving back to the community spirit we love seeing in the global community.

Medium-level journey

A more common journey, due to COVID-19, is the 100% online learning and development experience. One of the US-based consultants, will be sharing how he went through the Strategy Tools Global Coaches, signed up for the Partner Program and then completed the BTC Live – Building the Transformational Company Program in the span of just a few weeks. All, without having to leave his home in Atlanta.

Medium-level journey

A common journey, that is temporarily challenged in the current COVID-environment, is the simulation & transformation focus. First joining one of the free discovery sessions, then quickly going through Global Coaches, the online Strategy Simulation Facilitator Certification and finally the BTC – Building the Transformational Company online certification. In the span of a few weeks or months, you would build deep new capabilities in strategy, transformation and advanced-level facilitation.

As we are writing the report, these three journeys and many other combinations stand out as paths for the global community, looking to upgrade their skills and expand their strategy toolkits.

Developing insights, developing learning

Personally, I am very excited to see the end-result of this report. We have invited a number of thinkers and practitioners to share their view of how the strategy field is evolving.

While we, in developing the toolkit and platform, have many ideas and experiences with how these tools can be used to drive change in the real-world, I remain very humble in learning from the global community on how they use Strategy Tools in Action.

I look forward to learning more and I look forward to sharing that learning with the community this September.

Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen

Strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, ecosystems and governments around the world.


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