Unlocking Growth:
Pex Parra’s Path to US$100K Sales Expansion with Strategy Tools

About Pex

Meet Pex Parra, a seasoned Organizational Development consultant hailing from the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia. With a career primarily marked by his independent consulting ventures, Pex’s journey has seen him don multiple hats, including a transformative stint as the Organizational Development Manager at an oil and gas company from 2012 to 2015, and an impactful role as an organizational expert at McKinsey & Co between 2020 and 2022.

Pex’s passion revolves around crafting organizations where individuals are not just aligned with their work but deeply engaged, finding fulfillment both professionally and personally. As he stated in a recent interview, “Aligned organizations in which people are truly engaged in what they do, therefore professionally and personally fulfilled is what makes me tick.”

In 2018, Pex incorporated strategy facilitation into his consulting practice, finding it rewarding. However, he realized the need to expand his skill set to facilitate more impactful strategy programs. This journey led him to participate in the Strategy Tools Master Trainer program in September 2022.


Strategy Tools Master Trainer 2022

In September 2022, Pex joined a group of 13 people from across the globe in Stavanger, Norway for an intense week at the Strategy Tools Master Trainer program.

Over five days, they deep-dived into the Strategy Tools portfolio with Strategy Tools founder Christian Rangen. The Master Trainers traversed through three strategy simulations, solving strategy cases and learning from the depth of experience from one another.

“I’ve taken with me many learnings from the STMT program – and my key takeaways are:

New Perspective on Strategy

Embracing a new perspective on strategy, which highlighted its inherent connection to innovation. Recognizing the interdependence of these two traditionally separate organizational processes was eye-opening. Transformative strategy became a central principle, with ‘explore’ emerging as a crucial mode of communication. The Transform simulation tool proved invaluable in teaching the fundamentals of transformational strategies. 

Insights on Strategy Tools Arenas

Gaining insight into the four distinct arenas where Strategy Tools are applicable: Startups, Fund Managers, Clusters, and Corporate Strategy. This experience underscored the need for tailoring strategy approaches to suit each arena’s unique requirements. For me, it made sense to focus on corporate strategy and transformation as they were most relevant to me.”



Increased Sales of US$100K, a 10X ROI in 1 Year

“In round numbers, let´s say I invested U$10,000 on the overall trip and certification. The new perspectives, access to tools, mindset, etc have allowed me to increase my consulting sales of 2023 (specifically on strategy programs) from U$150k to U$250k. I am fully convinced that the U$100k increase has been possible due to my trip to Stavanger and my participation in the network. That could be translated into 10x ROI in year one.”


A Supportive Network with World-Class Expertise and Growth Opportunities

“Becoming an active member of the STMT network granted me access to a wealth of knowledge shared by world-class experts. This resource proved to be immensely valuable, filling a void I felt after leaving McKinsey & Co. The open and generous nature of network members in exchanging their extensive experience and knowledge has been a significant benefit. The flourishing regional network in Latam offers ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Since his participation in the STMT 2022, Pex has been actively working together with other Strategy Tools partners based in LATAM on client engagement, proposals, and localizing the tools and simulations.


“I wouldn’t hesitate to join the Strategy Tools Master Trainer program. The chances that you get added value from the overall experience, the contents, the network, are extremely high! Besides, Stavanger and the surroundings are unique! The trek to the Pulpit Rock alone was an experience worth the trip,”

Pex Parra
Founder and Partner, Parra Parada

Pex Parra is Organizational Communications Major with 20+ years of experience as a consultant and functional leader in Organizational Development, Organizational Learning and Change Management.

Former Organizational Effectiveness Manager in the Oil & Gas Industry and former McKinsey & Company consultant for Spanish Latam at the People & Organizational Performance – POP practice. He interacts with leadership teams to help them develop business transformation strategies and lead the cultural transformation, through hands on, practical methods and solutions.

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