Partner Profile: Javier Sevilla


I’m Javier Sevilla, from Mexico. I’ve got a bachelor degree in Telematics Engineering (ITAM, Mexico) and a MBA (ESADE, Spain). I’ve been involved in consulting (tech and management) for almost 20 years in projects in USA, Argentina and Mexico.

I’m the founder of Novarek and I consider myself an entrepreneur: 17 years ago I tried to launch a fitness center chain in Mexico (felt short to align the required investment), I’ve launched some gastronomic ventures (some successful), and soon a technology related business in the construction sector. I think I’ve always liked questioning why things work certain way in order to find opportunities.

 Novarek is a small consulting firm, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, that helps their clients in their growth efforts (through business strategy and innovation services). We’ve worked with public and private companies from different industries.


Hi Javier, can you tell us a bit about how you are using Strategy Tools?


We’ve been using some tools from Strategy Tools since 2 years ago. At that time, we were looking for options to update our toolkit, and it was like love at first sight. They are so simple, visual and easy to use, and take into consideration the new generation of theories and methodologies about business strategy and innovation that it was a no brainer. The tools help our clients to ask the right questions to face their current environment. We mainly use the tools in consultancy projects as part of discussions, workshops and team sessions.

We’re brand new using Transform, just ran some internal sessions and recently one with the Innovation Agency of the State of Jalisco (with whom we agreed to run 2 discovery sessions for companies at the beginning of March, they will promote it). The general experience is that is such a fun and eyes opening tool (methodologies, experiences and real cases so well incorporated). Hopefully, soon we’ll come back with more experiences.


What do you expect to get out of the partnership long-term?


I’d like to see new tools, additional guide books, new cases and ways to deepen the interaction between members (we’ve been working with Allan Bertram, another ST partner from Canada and the experience has been great). Another interesting thing could be a Transformation Hall of Fame (formal Transformation diagnostic, with company stages, a benchmark, etc.), we’ve already talked about that with Christian and understand that timing and some factors have to be the right ones.

In general, the experience with Strategy Tools has been great and we know that there are still many opportunities to explore.

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