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Grow with Us

Strategy Tools has always been working on the cutting edge of strategy and innovation – developing new tools, simulations, and software that are fit for today’s fast-changing strategy landscape.

The session with a client where we used Strategy Tools received the most positive feedback of any of our prior sessions with this client.

Peter Baverso

Enterprise Transformation Coach
Ventivia, Agile from the Heart,
Washington D.C. 

Why Partner with Us

Add Strategy Tools' Portfolio to Your Product Offerings

At Strategy Tools, we currently have more than 40 strategy tools, guidebooks, strategy simulations, training programs, masterclasses and advanced facilitator development programs. We are constantly updating and developing more strategy tools to fit today’s business landscape. As a Partner, you will get first access to the latest in strategy development, as well as training to use these in your service offerings.

Develop New Revenue Streams

Strategy Tools’ biggest aim to transform the way people work on strategy. We are no fans of theory and day-long PowerPoint slides that lead to no outcome. Instead, all our Strategy Tools and Simulations are developed as simple, fun, yet incredibly powerful ways to work with and understand strategy. Armed with this strong ecosystem of tools, simulations, and software, you will be able to secure new clients and revenue streams.

Increase Your Client Success & Satisfaction

Both internal staff and consultants who use Strategy Tools with their clients and teams report a high-level of satisfaction. Because we stray away from the traditional methods of working with strategy – the workshops using Strategy Tools and simulations are high energy and most importantly, high impact. 

About Strategy Tools Solution Providers

Strategy Tools Solutions Providers (STSP) have made Strategy Tools’ portfolio a part of their own service- or consulting offering. STSP run their business independently, but use Strategy Tools’ portfolio in their  own work. STSP may work with or certify other providers in their respective markets.

The collaboration is built on trust, sharing and a win-win model.

What we look for:

Our goal is to develop a global network of partners and solution providers.
We are willing to invest time, energy, relationship, brand and work closely to help make you successful.
You will have access to all our tools, simulations, guidebooks, IP, advanced materials and more.

Our model is built on trust, sharing and joint commercial success.

We will select one premium solution provider in each country or major region.
The partners we are looking for will most like have:


  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Good facilitator skills
  • An existing, and growing customer base
  • An existing sales channels or sales force
  • Minimum two years of business in operation
  • Minimum one English speaker on your team
    (we also do Mandarin, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Bulgarian…)
  • You are most likely a consulting firm, boutique strategy firm, HR Training & Development firm, but you can also be a national innovation agency, a national innovation center, accelerator, business school or entrepreneurship foundation.
  • The big idea is that we share the mission to transform how the world works on strategy and want to collaborate to bring this mission to the world.

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