Start your strategy revolution today and join the Strategy Tools Partner Network!

Learn how you can partner with Strategy Tools, enhance your existing capabilities, and have lasting client impact. The first step in becoming an official Strategy Tools Partner is taking the Master Trainer Program in Norway.

Partner With Strategy Tools

By joining the Strategy Tools partner network and you will add new tools and simulations to your toolkit to engage with your audience in a deeper and more meaningful way. 

You will also join a global community of like-minded individuals wanting to develop and enhance their capabilities, and we are sure you will gain additional domain knowledge within your current field of expertise to help bolster your confidence when using our tools.

It’s not just about the tools – We want to develop you as a partner!

Through our partner-specific tools series, we will help you:

  • Understand the 8 ways you can partner with us,
  • Create a learning path bespoke to you and what you want to achieve with Strategy Tools
  • We will also help you identify capabilities gaps and help you create remediation plans
  • Develop your Partner Success Plan to ensure you are successful with Strategy Tools

There is no better time to jump in and become a partner with Strategy Tools.

The session with a client where we used Strategy Tools received the most positive feedback of any of our prior sessions with this client.

Peter Baverso

Enterprise Transformation Coach
Ventivia, Agile from the Heart,
Washington D.C. 

Why Partner with Us

Start your strategy revolution today

Business is changing at an unprecedented pace – and and you need new tools in order to keep up with this pace of change.

We are rebelling against the traditional days of PowerPoint, no action and not meeting business outcomes or generating value.

Strategy Tools is leading the charge for new strategy and innovation thinking – it’s time to start your strategy revolution today.

Enhance your existing capabilities

Through our training programs, the global community and dedicated monthly Partner calls, you will be constantly updating and upgrading your capabilities with partner-exclusive content, new tools and partner-only events.

By joining the ST partner Network, you will also join our global community of over 50 partners  that stretches from Canada to New Zealand, Singapore to Costa Rica and everywhere in between – This community is jam packed with forward thinkers, movers and shakers across the globe.

Have lasting client impact

By using our tools, simulations and software, you can be assured that the deeper learning experience you provide your clients will have a lasting impact.

By grounding our tools and simulations in experiential learning-by-doing, the knowledge will be embedded for your customers – they will never view you or their strategy the same way.

Partner Success Stories


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Featuring keynotes from international strategy luminaries like Bill Fischer and David Lancefield, as well as insights from the global Strategy Tools partner community.

Develop your partnership with Strategy Tools

ST has developed a unique partner series to help you map out your journey with Strategy Tools and ensure success with us a partner.

We will map out your learning path, what your development priorities are and how you can partner with us across the spectrum of options.

Accelerate your Business Development

As a Strategy Tools Partner, we want to ensure that you not only gain mastery of our tools and simulations, but we want to ensure that you are meeting your goals and expectations for your business as well.

So, we have developed a bespoke and unique partner BD program tailored specifically for Strategy Tools Partners.

You have the opportunity to join one of our partner cohorts where you will begin to develop your mastery in BD through:

– Understand your BD Persona

– Develop your consulting BD Map

– Understand what it takes to be a trusted advisor

– Create a BD execution map

You will also be assigned a dedicated BD Coach to help keep you on track and accountable to your BD ambitions.

What we look for:

Our goal is to develop a global network of partners and solution providers.
We are willing to invest time, energy, relationship, brand and work closely to help make you successful.
You will have access to all our tools, simulations, guidebooks, IP, advanced materials and more.

Our model is built on trust, sharing and joint commercial success.

We will select one premium solution provider in each country or major region.
The partners we are looking for will most like have:


  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Good facilitator skills
  • An existing, and growing customer base
  • An existing sales channels or sales force
  • Minimum two years of business in operation
  • Minimum one English speaker on your team
    (we also do Mandarin, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Bulgarian…)
  • You are most likely a consulting firm, boutique strategy firm, HR Training & Development firm, but you can also be a national innovation agency, a national innovation center, accelerator, business school or entrepreneurship foundation.
  • The big idea is that we share the mission to transform how the world works on strategy and want to collaborate to bring this mission to the world.

Start Your Journey in the Strategy Tools Partner Network