Building the Transformational Company

A visual playbook for strategy & transformation.

The need for transformation is picking up across virtually every industry. Yet, few companies are set up for this.

In March 2020, we published the report – Building the Transformational Company – A CEO Handbook – which has since seen thousands of downloads across the globe. The report provides a high-level overview on how leaders can spearhead large-scale transformation projects in organizations. 

In the book, we delve much deeper into the 10 Principles of Transformation, detailing the transformation framework, custom-developed strategy tools, and a robust roadmap for management teams to lead successful transformation.

Built on visual thinking and actionable strategy tools, you can look forward to a host of practical case studies and user-friendly tools that you can immediately apply to building your transformational company.

Building the Transformational Company is written for…

CEOs & Top Management Teams

The C-suite will need to lead the work on Transformation. They need to find time, space and structure to balance their old core, new growth and emerging explore. Top management may use this report to guide and align their team around their Transformation Journey.

Board of Directors

Increasingly boards need to shift from ‘control & reporting’ to a genuine strategic partner for management. Boards may use this report to get a deeper understanding of the need for transformation and the tools and roadmaps to make this a success.

Corporate Strategy, New Ventures & Transformation Offices

The strategy function, the Chief Strategy Officer, the Transformation Office will have to bear the brunt of the work to make Transformation succeed. They may use this report to align their teams, train their staff, apply new roadmaps and build deep transformational capacity.

71% of the 100.000 companies Accenture analyzed are currently either in the throes of, or stand on the brink of significant disruption.

What you will find in the book 

  • A visual, practical roadmap for successful business transformation
  • Actionable, visual tools custom-developed for strategy and transformation that can be immediately put to use
  • Applicable real-world case studies that take you through successful transformation
  • Deep dive into the 10 Principles of Transformation with supporting visual tools
  • A step-by-step guide to leading transformation
  • Expert insights from the world’s top strategy leaders like Rita McGrath, Scott D. Anthony, etc.
  • A gateway into the larger Strategy Tools Solutions universe. Connect to the global community, complete the online program, run a Train-the-Trainers or start your own Transformation Program; this book will help you get started on your long-term transformation strategy.

Key Excerpts

The only way you survive is you continuously transform into something else.


Ginni Rometty, former CEO, IBM


Part of the larger Strategy Tools methodology

The report is part of the larger Strategy Tools Platform and methodology. It is developed by Strategy Tools and international strategy & transformation expert Christian Rangen. It is based on extensive research and insights into the world’s leading transformation cases. Further, it is based on the extensive body of tools, knowledge and research embedded in the 11 year development project behind Strategy Tools.

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