Nov 10, 2020 at 12: 47 pm

Reflections on “Working Digital”​

To no surprise, COVID lockdowns are again on the rise. As we enter winter, we can expect most situations to continue to take a turn for the worse. Wisely, countries are locking down again. Being ‘In-COVID’ is challenging all of us to work differently. But there are some pleasant surprises hiding behind the ‘Work from Home situation’ we are yet again entering into.

Christian Rangen


Five weeks – Eight Countries

With five weeks left till Christmas, it seemed like a good time to reflect and plan for the closing part of the year. While 2020 has developed little as planned, we have been able to stay on track, accelerate our development and roll out a large number of solutions far ahead of any timeline we had coming into the year.

Looking ahead, planning for the remaining five weeks, one thing stood out: international conferences. Considering the state of lockdown, I was surprised to see the number of keynotes and panels remaining on the calendar.

Under normal circumstances, the expectation would have been, ‘join us in person’. Now, looking ahead at the calendar, I realized that I will be having the pleasure and privilege to join top notch event and connect with a global community in places like Singapore, Netherlands, Western Canada, Oslo, Bergen, Mexico, Brazil, Kuwait, US East Coast and US West Coast, without having to fly a mile or struggle through passport control.

Are we awaiting a post-Covid world? You bet.

Do we prefer to meet people face to face? Absolutely.

Are we going to go back to the world pre-COVID, with international travel and conferences? No way.

Selected keynotes, panels and programs for the next five weeks:

November 16th | Netherlands (Global)

What is Your Innovation Strategy in the 2020’s?


November 19th | Norway

Capital Day: Capital Strategy


Nov 20th | Canada, B.C

Rising Economy Week 2020
The Blue Economy: The Ocean as Our Next Frontier

November 24 | Mexico (Global)

TCI conference in LATAM: CLAC-Latin American Cluster Conference
Cluster Strategy in the 2020’s


November 30, 2020 | Singapore (Global)

Horasis Asia Meeting
Cluster Entrepreneurship: Overcoming the Negative Impact of COVID

November 2020

Strategy Teams: Brazil

Global Cluster Leadership Program: Mexico

Teach a class on Building the Transformational Company: San Francisco 

Scale Up X!: Washington D.C.

16th Nov 2020: Building the Transformational Company: Digital Program


December 1st, 2020 | Kuwait, Global

Kuwait Knowledge Club

Strategy in the Shifting Energy Arena


December 2nd, 2020 | Norway

Open Innovation Lab

Digital Strategy tools in action



Strategy Teams: Mexico

Transform! Digital Simulation: Europe

Supercluster! Digital Simulation: Mexico

….and in due time… wishing everyone a merry Christmas.

Let’s all work to slow COVID-19 during the coming five weeks, so children and families can enjoy a ‘normal Christmas’ together.

Stay safe,


Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen

Strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, ecosystems and governments around the world.


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