Chief Strategy Officer Mexico

A Study of the Mexican Strategist

About the report

This report is the result of a study conducted by NováreQ, in partnership with Strategy Tools, through interviews and questionnaires with strategists in Mexico – Chief Strategy Officers, Strategy Directors, Strategy Vice-Presidents, Heads of Strategy, among other nomenclatures that vary according to the company, industry and region. All are, however, individuals dedicated to finding ways for their organizations to succeed.

It is a A HANDBOOK for every strategy leader to develop their team.

Who might find this most useful…

CSOs, VP, Directors or Heads of Strategy

As this content was prepared by professionals linked to strategic functions within companies, it can obviously be used by this same audience in their development as a strategist, in addition to generating the necessary insights for the evolution of their work teams.


Chief Strategy Officers’ most common interactions are with their “C-Level” peers. Therefore, this publication can help CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and others to better understand the potential of the strategy area, taking advantage of it more and better.

Boards, Councils, Commitees

All Corporate Governance mechanisms can benefit from a clearer understanding of the role and profile of the CSO, whether as a close employee of the executive board in managing the business or even as a facilitator of communications with the Board.

HR, People, Organization, Culture

The areas of organization and people, especially with regard to their training, learning and development functions, have a lot to gain from a more accurate understanding of the strategist’s profile and needs in Mexico.

What you will find in this report

The State of the Role in Mexico

Profile description and the current role of the Chief Strategy Officer in Mexican organizations. The same study was carried out in Europe in 2018 and Brazil in 2020. The time has come to clearly define the strategy executive’s idiosyncrasies in the local context.

Concepts and Tools

Frameworks for you and your team to evaluate, design, improve, and implement actions to increase the maturity of the strategy area.

Practical Application

An action guide on how to promote the development of individual strategists, as well as the structuring and training of strategy teams in line with national needs and idiosyncrasies.

"Most strategic planning exercises are budgets in Halloween costume"

Rita McGrath

Why We Wrote This

I think the first time I heard anything about strategy was almost 2 decades ago, when an enthusiastic, intelligent, and colorful visiting professor in my MBA program caught my curiosity and triggered something that has become one of my passions: mastering how strategy can help organizations.

Since then there have been many changes in the world of strategy, but I would say that one of the most important is the convergence between strategy and innovation. So it was a really interesting challenge to figure out what the profile of the Chief Strategy Officer was in Mexico and what his current practices were. There were some basic elements that were clear that should be part of this research, but we were flexible enough to let some unexpected surprises come up.

Our starting point was to understand:

– What are the practices that organizations use to develop their strategy? What are their structures?

– Is there a dedicated area and team? What do their processes look like? What are the tools, methodologies and frameworks they use to guide their discussions? Understanding the mindset and leadership style of the person in charge of coordinating this process was a fascinating adventure in itself, and during this research I had the opportunity to discover great minds and great professionals who somehow find a way to get around all the obstacles to making strategy happen in their organizations.

I hope that this report will contribute to developing better strategists, become a reference to compare practices, and that it will be the first step to build a network of professionals in this amazing field in Mexico. Hopefully you enjoy it and, if you find it valuable, share it with your team and your network.

Learn more about NováreQ and access the Spanish page here.



CEO & Founder, NováreQ

"33% said the main challenges are to define the future of the business and understand what is happening"

How You Can Use It

Assessment Tool

Use this publication as a means of assessing and evaluating people, teams and the organization as a whole. Identify your capability gaps and understand how to strengthen the company ’strategic muscles’.

Study Guidebook

Take advantage of this content to guide your own research and to deepen the study on the profile, challenges and needs of strategists and strategy teams.

Practical Handbook

Meet with the CEO of the company, engage your C-level peers, involve your team in designing the next steps for the evolution of your strategy area.

Strategy Design

Promote this content throughout the company, training strategists in all areas of the organization, thus creating a more favorable context for the emergence of ’real time strategies’.

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