Cluster Business Models

Exploring Business Models in Global Innovation Clusters

by Victor Haze and Christian Rangen

Unique cluster business model tools – never before published

Emerging thinking on cluster business models

Expert views on the cluster business model revolution

The Authors

Christian Rangen

Christian Rangen

Global Cluster Expert, Strategy Tools & Engage//Innovate

Chris is considered one of the world’s leading experts in innovation clusters and Supercluster development.

He has worked on cluster projects in countries like Malaysia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Norway, US, Canada and Switzerland.

Through the 100% online Global Cluster Leadership Program he has worked with 100’s of cluster managers worldwide.

Chris regularly works with and speak with global cluster leaders in countries like India, Iceland, US, Oman, Nigeria, Brazil, Spain, Emirates and China.

Currently, he is deeply engaged in developing better strategy frameworks for national cluster programs, allowing countries to develop next generation national cluster programs.

He is also the inventor of Strategy Tools and the 55+ toolkits in the Supercluster Series, in use with 100’s of clusters around the world; and always being improved upon by learning from great people like Victor and the global community.

When not zooming, he can be found skiing with his family in Norway.

Victor Haze

Victor Haze

International Ecosystems Director, Health Valley, The Netherlands

Victor has been working in ICT and project management roles for 26 years.

He engaged with customers and organizations within Finance, Energy, Oil & Gas, Governments and Healthcare.

He worked as a Business consultant for Atos KPMG Consulting and was advisor to the Board of Directors in a hospital. In 2014 he started working in a LSH cluster role as Innovation Manager. Recently he accepted the role of International Ecosystem Director.

Always looking to align the strategies of SMEs, Universities and HCOs using workshop settings with all stakeholders, applying a common language from visual thinking toolsets.

He is a Master Trainer and Global coach of Strategy Tools, a truly global community, where he focuses on the development of the paradigm shift of Triple Helix towards a pentagram Supercluster. He is working on this puzzle with Christian Rangen since 2019.

When not working, he can be found on a bike riding up a mountain.

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