Strategy Tools in Action

How Consultants Across the Globe Create Impact with Strategy Tools

About the report

In the report, you will go behind the scenes on how top consultants across the globe use Strategy Tools in their work.

What you will find in this report

A number for leading consultant across the globe will share trade secrets on:

  • How to use Strategy Tools in strategic discussions for maximum client impact
  • How to “break the ice” with boards and managements when discussing strategy
  • Their preferred Strategy Tools and how they use it in specific client scenarios
  • Recommendations on how you can use Strategy Tools to amplify your work with clients and grow your consulting practice
  • How to design powerful blended strategy & innovation programs with your clients, using the Strategy Tools Platform

Featured Strategists

Scott Newton
Scott B. Newton


Managing Partner, Thinking Dimensions
Roberto Chaverri

Costa Rica

Partner, Engage//Innovate
Tiago Grandi


Director Brazil, Strategy Tools
Hege Langaas


Founding Partner,
Javier Sevilla


Managing Director, Novarek
Andrew Green

United Kingdom

Executive Performance Coach, GreenCook
Ole Sverre Spigseth


Owner & Consultant, Spigseth
Harvey Wade

United Kingdom

Managing Director, Innovate21
Victor Haze


Innovation Manager, Health Valley
James Van Der Westhuizen

South Africa

Managing Director, KnowHouse
Rick Rasmussen

United States

Industry Fellow, UC Berkeley
Allan Bertram


Owner, Enterprise Simulations Inc.
Jason Molesworth

United States

Enterprise Agility Specialist, Agile Transformation Inc.
Enrico Maset


Strategy & Performance Officer, SteepConsult

…and many more.

Essays by Leading Strategists

Beyond the interviews, we are also honored to have some of the world’s best minds in strategy
contributing their thoughts and essays to the report. 


By Rita McGrath
Best-selling author, speaker, professor at Columbia Business School


Five Paradoxes of Strategic Change

By David Lancefield
Director of David Lancefield Ventures, lecturer at London Business School, contributor to Harvard Business Review


Digital Disruption Comes of Age for the Consulting Industry

By Scott B. Newton
Managing Director, Thinking Dimensions


On the Evolution and Future of Strategy

By Ian Pallister
Management Consultant, Ian Pallister Consulting


The Future is Blended


What is Strategy in 2020?

By Christian Rangen
Founder of Strategy Tools


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The Strategy Tools Global Coaches program best fits independent consultants, internal strategy facilitators, mentors and business advisors looking to create impact for their clients or internally. We currently have hundreds of certified Strategy Tools Global Coaches in all geographies using Strategy Tools to create impact within their companies and with clients.

  • Learn how best to apply Strategy Tools to your work
  • Join a fast-growing strategy community
  • Grow your client business or create internal impact

“The world has changed. The way you implement strategy has to, as well.”

Scott Newton, 

Managing Partner, Thinking Dimensions, Italy

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