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The world of strategy is shifting. Leaders, companies & governments are looking for new ways to build
strategies for the future.


Building The Transformational Company

Throughout our journeys, we have met with 1000’s and 1000’s of people across industries and organizational hierarchies, all sharing a desire to better understand how to successfully lead transformation. In this report we aim to sharpen our own understanding and share it with a greater strategy community across the globe. We hope you may find this report both inspirational and insightful, but most of all we hope it helps drive you to build more transformational companies.


Building Innovation Superclusters

Superclusters are on the rise around the world. Corporate leaders, governments, academics and entrepreneurs all look to Innovation Superclusters and their potential economic impact. The report is based on work with over 40 clusters and cluster initiatives (from autonomous mobility, drones, energy transformation, heavy industries, aquaculture and more).