Building the Transformational Company

About the report

One of our deeply held beliefs is that, in the coming decade, virtually every company, in every industry will have to go through some level of transformation. This belief is deeply held within our team, our community, and our global network.

Equally deep is the belief that very few companies are actually set up for this future. They are simply not structured, built or led to become transformational companies. This is a massive challenge across industries. What we are witnessing is that the speed of innovation and need for transformation is picking up across virtually every industry.

This report hopes to provide you, the reader with a deeper understanding, a selection of tools and a robust roadmap for your successful Transformation. In essence, this CEO Handbook hopes to guide your Transformation Journey.

Who might find this most useful…

CEOs & Top Management Teams

The C-suite will need to lead the work on Transformation. They need to find time, space and structure to balance their old core, new growth and emerging explore. Top management may use this report to guide and align their team around their Transformation Journey.

Board of Directors

Increasingly boards need to shift from ‘control & reporting’ to a genuine strategic partner for management. Boards may use this report to get a deeper understanding of the need for transformation and the tools and roadmaps to make this a success.

Corporate Strategy, New Ventures & Transformation Offices

The strategy function, the Chief Strategy Officer, the Transformation Office will have to bear the brunt of the work to make Transformation succeed. They may use this report to align their teams, train their staff, apply new roadmaps and build deep transformational capacity.

71% of the 100.000 companies Accenture analyzed are currently either in the throes of, or stand on the brink of significant disruption.

What is Your Transformation Score?

“Why is there a need to transform?” was one of the questions that have been coming up quite frequently after we published the report Building the Transformational Company

We have developed a tool that can guide you on this journey. Take the test to get your transformation score.

What you will find in this report

This report contains 3 main elements:


  • An exclusive pre-release webinar if you pre-register.
  • An overview, a playbook if you will, of how to Build the Transformational Company
  • A selection of brand-new Strategy Tools equipping you for the Transformation Journey ahead.
  • A gateway into the larger Strategy Tools Solutions universe. Connect to the global community, complete the online program, run a Train-the-Trainers or start your own Transformation Program; this report can help you get started on your long-term transformation strategy.

Key Excerpts

Part of the larger Strategy Tools methodology

The report is part of the larger Strategy Tools Platform and methodology. It is developed by Strategy Tools and international strategy & transformation expert Christian Rangen. It is based on extensive research and insights into the world’s leading transformation cases. Further, it is based on the extensive body of tools, knowledge and research embedded in the 11 year development project behind Strategy Tools.

The Material

The Academy

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The Tools

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