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About the report

Back in 2014, we hosted Engage // Innovate’s first annual Strategy Summit: Learning To Work Differently With Strategy. We brought together executives from Tesla, Equinor, Viking Supply Ships and more to explore how the practice of strategy was changing.

The following year, in 2015, we hosted Strategy Summit: Meet the Transformers. Again, we brought together experienced executives going through the many stages of transformation (the highlight was the behind the scenes look at DSM’s transformation).

Since then, we have continued to explore, research and work on significant transformation strategy projects in Europe and beyond. This work has led us energy companies in Asia, aviation companies in Europe, Board rooms in the Middle East and emerging transformation programs across the Americas.

Throughout these journeys, we have met with 1000’s and 1000’s of people across industries and organizational hierarchies, all sharing a desire to better understand how to successfully lead transformation. From Corporate Startups Teams in Europe, Transformation offices in Malaysia and Chief Strategy Officers in the Nordics; These insights have fueled new strategy tools, strategy simulations, and new strategy processes.

Looking ahead, we are convinced large companies will need to build entirely new mindsets and capabilities around strategy. In line with the renowned consulting company Innosight, we expect to see the rate of disruption to pick up, the life-time of large companies to decrease and transformation to become the new normal. This will force us to change how we teach strategy, how companies think about strategy and how strategy leaders prepare their companies for the future.

In this report, we gather our experiences in one single volume. Our aim to sharpen our own understanding and share it with a greater strategy community across the globe. We hope you may find this report both inspirational and insightful, but most of all we hope it helps drive you to build more transformational companies.

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The Team


Over the past 18 years, Chris has advised companies and governments globally on strategy, innovation, transformation and developing ecosystems. He works with senior leadership on innovative strategic transformation, innovation strategies, business model innovation & creative leadership development. 

Chris is also business school faculty, teaching strategy, transformation and the clean energy revolution at BI – Norwegian Business School (Norway) and Zigurat (Spain). He is an active public speaker and presents frequently at international innovation and strategy conferences

Start a conversation at christian@engage-innovate.com or +47 924 15 949


Ian Pallister brings deep experience and expertise in helping organizations make innovation happen. With over 25 years track record across a range of sectors including energy, high tech, life sciences and financial services, Ian helps organizations create new, innovative concepts and develop breakthrough ideas.

He had held senior positions in both boutique and large consulting firms. He was Global Head of the Palladium Innovation Practice, as well as Head of Europe for Strategos Inc., the renowned strategy and innovation consultancy founded by Gary Hamel.

Start a conversation at ian@engage-innovate.com or +49 171 209 5670


Roberto heads Engage // Innovate’s operations in Latin America and development of Strategy Tools in the region. He comes with more than 18 years of experience in multinational companies like The Clorox Company, British American Tobacco, and The Coca Cola Company, and in leading regional companies in their industries such as Dos Pinos and Ingenio Magdalena.

Start a conversation at roberto@engage-innovate.com


Over the past years, jolene has developed the visual design for over 40+ Strategy Tools, guidebooks and three strategy simulations.

In her role, she leads the overall design development and UX for users on paper, web and software platform on both Strategy Tools and Engage // Innovate.

Start a conversation at jolene@engage-innovate.com


Adelina Manolache is VP Growth at Strategy Tools. She is a commercially and technically minded marketer, with a demonstrated history working in the tech industry.

In this role she leads all growth initiatives and user acquisitions at the company.

For mass distribution of this report or business-related enquiries, contact Adelina at adelina@strategytools.io