Scale Up! Simulation

A 100% online certification program to support your development, learning and mastery of the Scale Up! simulation.
Bring to your team, clients, startups, accelerator, innovation cluster, or ecosystem. 

Bring something different to the table.
Create impact.

In this certification program, you will master the Scale Up! Simulation Kit.

From running small simulation sessions to larger scale multi-step training programs, you will learn how to plan, design and run full programs.

You will learn the domain knowledge and advanced facilitation skills to run impactful Scale Up! sessions and programs, as well as how to sell these internally and externally.

As a simulation facilitator, you will quickly learn that Scale Up! is far more than ‘just a simulation’.

The entire bundle is a highly flexible solution, that you can structure and use in many, many ways, based on your customers’ and users’ needs.

You can expand your consulting services significantly with a Scale Up! certification.

Bring a powerful solution to your ecosystem

The fundamental principles of Scale Up! is built on real-world experiences and insights.

Behind every single card there is a personal story. These stories are either seen first-hand, or witnessed in close proximity to founders, investors and startup ecosystems.

90% of the investor cards are built on actual, real-life investors.

More importantly, the deeper complexities and challenges are based on hundreds of investor meetings, fund raising projects and work across the entire ecosystem.

Get certified to bring this powerful solution to your ecosystem.

Program Outcomes


Deep dive learning

Learn to structure and facilitate impactful Scale Up! sessions in multiple ways based on your team’s, customers’ and users’ needs.


Case studies & insights

In this program, you will learn from case studies featuring accelerators, business schools, startup programs, and innovation clusters.


Harness a powerful ecosystem

You will learn to connect software, startup canvases and simulation into a powerful solution – customized for your use cases and clients.

Using Scale Up! at the Katapult Ocean Accelerator

See how Katapult Ocean Accelerator is using Scale Up! to build better startups. Learn more about this case study in the full program.

Live through
real-life startup crises

Navigate real-life startup challenges

Learn to build agile strategies to survive

“After being a part of a Strategy Tools Scale Up! session, I see huge potential in using this simulator to give startups invaluable experience in how venture capital works, something that is hard to teach in a classroom setting.”

Emil Lindfors
Accelerator Manager, PhD Candidate,
Hatch, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

What You Get in the Certification Program

  • Confidence and know-how to run high impact Scale Up! simulation sessions with your team, clients, startups, and ecosystem
  • Detailed walk-through of all elements of the simulation
  • 6 hours of self-paced videos and content (in easily-consumed bite-sized pieces)
  • Several real world use cases: from product to project
  • Advanced facilitation techniques
  • Facilitator slide deck that you can use with your team / clients
  • Advanced reading material to enhance your domain knowledge of corporate transformation
  • Free download of strategy canvases, guidebooks, and more to facilitate your Scale Up! sessions
  • Free access to the Strategy Tools App

Program Curriculum


Case Study: Switzerland
Key Questions We’ll Explore Together
The Setup
What You Will Meet
How We Will Work
Running Scale Up! Digitally

Module 1: Foundation

The Foundation of Scale Up! 
Much More than Just a Sim
The Market is Bigger than You Think
House Rules
Domain & Facilitation Knowledge
Five Levels of Learning
Five Use Cases
Mini Cases: Scale Up in Action
Recommended Reading for Building Your Domain Knowledge
Project Work 1: Map Your Ecosystem

Module 2: Preparing Your First Session

Running a Scale Up! Session
The Pieces & The Boards
Case Study: Running Scale Up! at Katapult Ocean
Setting Up Your First Session
Your Facilitator Role
Project Work 2: Ecosystem Shakers Map (National Level)

Module 3: Running Your First Session

Getting Started: Managing the Energy & Emotions
Your Goals as a Facilitator
Stack the Cards
Building Your Expertise: Cards
Investors & Cap Tables
The Bank
Using the Software
Case Studies: National Innovation Agency Norway, KRY
Common Mistakes
Project Work 3: Case Study on KRY

Module 4: Advanced Facilitation

8 Valuation Methods
Advanced Sessions
Video Analysis
Domain Knowledge
Final Project: Reflection Memo


Program Director

Christian Rangen is a strategy & transformation advisor to companies, innovation clusters, and governments around the world. His clients span oil & gas, energy, technology, aviation, mobility, finance, consulting, and national governments. He is faculty/visiting faculty at multiple business schools in Europe. He has taught more than 20 different programs, including a wide range of Executive Education Programs, Executive Short Programs and Custom Designed Corporate Learning Programs in strategy, innovation, entrepreneurship, change and transformation

Take a Peek into the Scale Up! Kit

The Scale Up! Entrepreneurship Simulation Kit is only available for purchase for certified facilitators only. 

Learning & development at your pace

The certification program is designed to follow your learning and development – at your pace.

As such, you can zip through the entire program in 3-6 hours – or you can spend several months to learn, try things in real-life, deep dive into the advanced content and run live sessions as you learn.

The time commitment at your end can be as little as a few hours, completed in one day. Or, it can be a step-by-step, module-by-module learning journey where you go back and forth as a natural part of your training. This way, you can work through the online certification program over a period of several months as you slowly build your own expertise and mastery.

“This was such a valuable training exercise…should be obligatory in every program!”

Gro Eirin Dyrnes
Head of Innovation Norway Americas, commenting on a Scale Up! Workshop 

What’s included in your certification

The Scale Up! Online certification Program is designed to follow your progress as you learn to master the Scale Up! simulation kit.

You can sign up and complete the online certification without having the physical simulation kit. However, we do encourage you to purchase your own physical simulation kit, so you have have the full set available.

Some users like getting started on the online certification first and only purchase the simulation kit during or even after the simulation certifiction is completed. The choice, of course, is completely up to you.

We have two pricing options – Certification only, or Certification and the Full Kit, delivered to wherever you are.

Once you are certified, you can get: 

  • Exclusive access to purchase the Scale Up! Simulation Kits
    To maintain quality of delivery and exclusivity – only Certified Simulation Facilitators can purchase and use the simulation kits in their work – you will be given details on how to purchase the kit once certified
  • Exclusive access to our Certified Simulation Facilitator group
    Meet others like yourself using Scale Up! to create impact and extra revenue streams
  • Option to join Strategy Tools as an Official Simulation Partner
    As a Strategy Tools Official Sim Partner, you will get:
    • Real-time coaching and support by founder of the simulations Christian Rangen to ensure your success in selling and facilitating your simulation projects
    • Access to digital updates – we are constantly adding new cards, materials, and other items to the kit due to the fluidity of the startup world. You will get digital access to these so you can use them with your clients and team

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