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Snapshots from Strategy Tools Master Trainer March 2023

In March 2023, 11 people travelled across different parts of the globe to converge in Stavanger, Norway for an immersive and challenging week at the Strategy Tools Master Trainer, March edition.

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Five Days of Immersive, Hands-On Learning

The Master Trainer is the most advanced program offered by Strategy Tools – a true deep dive into the entire Strategy Tools methodology.
Participants accepted into the Master Trainer program are extremely qualified and already come equipped years of relevant experience to accelerate meaningful learning for the selected group.
By limiting the cohort size to 12 highly-skilled and experienced participants, we were able to design a personalized and effective learning experience around the individual goals of the participants.

In this cohort, we were joined by venture capital ecosystem drivers, expert strategy facilitators, enterprise consultants and business agility experts from the Netherlands, South Africa, Malaysia, Canada, the United States as well as Norway.

They invested in the Master Trainer program to gain a deeper understanding of new business tools, unlock the power of the Strategy Tools’ portfolio, and achieve long-term success for their business and brand.

Dynamic. Relevant. Fast-paced. Welcoming. Great content – Marijn Wiersma, Director of Partnership & Innovation at 2X Global

Getting Out of the Building

Each day of the week revolved around a different theme / topic – kicking off with corporate strategy on Monday and Tuesday and gradually working towards scale-up strategy to fund management strategy and business development towards the end of the week.

Throughout the week, we visited companies, and met with special guests to go behind-the-scenes and get insights from the ground. Here are some of the highlights:

A visit to Equinor, a global energy company, where we got a sneak peek into Equinor’s transformation strategy from Senior Advisor of Corporate Strategy, Kristian Fjelde.

A visit to Nysnø, a government climate investment fund set up as a commercial company that invests in technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Here we met with COO Ingvild Meland, who took us along Nysnø’s journey to becoming one of the most active climate funds in the country.

We met Sophie Bruusgaard Jewett, CEO of MoreScope, a climate Fintech solution for carbon accounting and impact investment – who walked us through how MoreScope planned to change how carbon accounting is done today. The cohort had the opportunity to work on some of MoreScope’s key concerns and strategy ahead – advising Sophie on the next steps she should take.

We also welcomed a visit from National Grid Partners, the venture investment and innovation arm of National Grid plc to understand how their VC fund worked as well as their investment thesis.

 Amazing program, 360 perspective with drone vision as big as a supercluster as laser focused on KPIs. Incredible opportunity to add value on what strategy really is for the next years to come!!! – José Manuel Hernández Páez, Managing Director at Grupo Valor

Hit the Ground Running

In between visits and guests, the Strategy Tools Master Trainer March 2023 cohort also dived into case studies, strategy tools and deep discussions – but it was really in the strategy simulations where everything came together. In three days, they experienced Scale Up!, Transform! & Fund Manager! – stepping into the shoes of a scale-up team, a corporate transformation team, as well as a budding fund management team.

Bringing it All Together

On the final day, the cohort had an opportunity for closing thoughts and business development. It was a time to reflect on the week’s learning and to apply it to their business and brand. The program was fun, educational, and valuable to all participants who attended.

We got to know a great toolbox of visualization tools for strategy from different perspectives – be it a strategy transformer, from a startup’s lens or a venture capital officer. – Tobias Riegger, Director at Quest Consulting AG

Join us for the next Strategy Tools Master Trainer program to gain a deeper understanding of new business tools, unlock the power of the Strategy Tools’ portfolio, and set yourself on a path to achieve long-term success for your business and brand.

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