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Strategy Tools Software Solutions

Strategy Tools Software Solutions is built to help leaders solve their unique strategy, innovation and transformation challenges.

We empower startups, scale ups, innovation clusters, accelerators, ecosystems and corporate strategy leaders to rethink, reshape and reinvent how they work on strategy.

Our customers can choose our self-service model or our consulting model to implement the right strategy solution for them.

Our Delivery Models


We work closely with you and your team to implement the right strategy solution for you. This includes strategy design, development and implementation.


We run our world-class strategy simulations – and use these to teach and implement Strategy Tools Software Solutions.


Our self-service solution is 100% cloud-based. Log in, invite your team, start your strategy project in the cloud. Need anything, join our online learning programs or talk to our team remotely.

What is the right delivery model for you?

For startups, scale ups and individual consultants, we recommend the self-service model.

For corporate strategy leaders, innovation clusters, accelerators and ecosystems we strongly recommend our consulting model to make sure you get the right solution and implementation for you.

For business schools, accelerators, ecosystems, national innovation agencies, we strongly recommend the combined strategy simulation and software model.

We are a strategy software company

We deliver large – and small strategy projects for you

We have a global partner network to implement worldwide

At our core, we develop and deliver groundbreaking strategy software solutions built around your needs. We are not just a consulting company, but partner with you to design and implement lasting solutions supported by technology.

Our world-class team of strategy, innovation & transformation experts can help design solutions to large or small strategy challenges.

With a global network, spanning Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas, we can quickly serve clients in any location worldwide, or with our online solutions, we run strategy projects, strategy trainings and strategy coaching 100% online. That is entirely up to you.

Our Proven Consulting Methodology

Project Scope



Strategy Solution

Design & Implement


Project Design

Purpose & Ambition



Industry Shifts







New ways of working

Impact & ROI

The Lastest Thinking in Strategy – Powered by Technology

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