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Building Innovation Superclusters

Building Innovation Superclusters

Around the world, Innovation Superclusters are on the rise. But what, exactly, are Innovation Superclusters and why do they matter?   INNOVATION SUPERCLUSTERS IN SIX POINTS While often misunderstood due to various policies, structures, funding models, strategies and...

Hello, Ecosystem Series

Understanding and mastering ecosystems is becoming a key part of strategy in the 2020’s. That is why we have created the brand-new Ecosystem Series, the next chapter of strategy tools.This week we released four new strategy tools, all under the Ecosystem Series. Our...

Cluster Leadership? Look to China

As the world is looking to build better innovation clusters, most would benefit from studying the Chinese models. Last night I led a panel on Chinese high-tech clusters, and the key take-aways could be useful for many as we strive to build better clusters of...

Why Superclusters Matter

In recent months, Innovation Superclusters has become a more frequent topic. Recent keynotes have brought up the need for European Superclusters. Several conferences, including the upcoming Global Peter Drucker Forum is now running special tracks on Innovation...

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