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On Superclusters and Ecosystems

On Superclusters and Ecosystems

Innovation Superclusters and innovative ecosystems are both crucial engines of growth. In our research, we have looked into future trends and how governments can actively build Innovation Superclusters around the industries of the future. SUPERCLUSTERS VS. ECOSYSTEMS...

Seeing Around Corners – An Interview With Rita McGrath

The world of strategy is changing. Inflection points can either create new opportunities or they can lead to devastating consequences. Read our interview with Columbia Business School Professor, Rita McGrath and Christian Rangen, to find out what inflection points...

Leadership in the Age of Innovation Superclusters

Leading up to the 2019 Drucker Forum we will be exploring leadership, strategy and policy in and around Innovation Superclusters. This is the first publication. Next, Building Innovation Superclusters (the report) is out mid-June. By: Christian Rangen, Founder, CEO...

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