Early Users & Impact

Learn about how our early user have already learnt to to utilize gamification in strategy – and create results.

Norwegian Innovation Cluster Program


50+ Innovation Cluster Managers and advisors. Used Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Accelerator to learn the basics of entrepreneurship and early-stage investor strategies. Five groups working in parallel, using in-house facilitators for each group.

Impact: Helped shape a larger conversation on how to think differently and work with Startups, scale-ups and investors within the national innovation cluster program.

Norwegian Energy Solutions


Aspiring Innovation Supercluster, leading the energy transformation.
Used Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator during a two-day strategy workshop, led by Innovation Norway’s Cluster Management Team.

Impact: Created powerful shared understanding of what an innovation supercluster is, how it works, and how to make it successful. Drove home the importance of collaboration and co-creation within innovation clusters.

Digital Health Startups


Five digital health Startups, using Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Accelerator as an integrated part of a “getting investor ready” program.
Hosted and financed by the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster.

Impact: Created a deeper understanding of how to create real-life investor strategies. Helped secure funding for several of the startups in the following weeks.

Tech Startup / Board of Directors


Board of Directors for a software platform startup used Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Accelerator to get an introduction to fundraising, investor strategies and how to design a compelling capital strategy.

Impact: Powerful and important alignment of how to work with investors and secure early-stage funding for a young software company.

GCE Ocean Technology


One of the world’s leading Ocean Innovation Clusters. Used Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Accelerator to get a better understanding of challenges and strategies for early-stage growth capital. Part of the cluster’s overall capital strategy.

Impact: helped shape a larger and highly ambitious cluster capital strategy within the ocean space.

Norwegian Innovation Cluster


25 Cluster experts, advisors and facilitators. Used Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator to learn (and discuss) the development of Innovation Superclusters. The simulation was a part of a two-day training program. The session was hosted after dinner on day one, with drinks and refreshments. A wonderful combo.

Impact: Created a strong, shared understanding of the mechanics and structures of global innovation superclusters.

I would use this in a 3-day strategy session. It’s a fun and engaging way to get hands-on exposure to business model generation.

Kristian E. Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Development


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