Strategy Simulation

Accelerate learning and strategy development
through strategy simulation. From three hours to three days. For corporates, boards, entrepreneurs, accelerators, business schools and innovation clusters.

Make Strategy Happen

Combined, our Strategy Simulations, Strategy Tools and App give you a unique learning and strategy development experience. The Simulation kits are currently available only to certified facilitators.

Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator

Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator has you step right into the shoes of a startup or scale-up company.

In the simulation, you will battle to grow your company, face obstacles typical to those of a startup and learn to strategize and scale your company against all odds. Make smart strategic choices, balance your liquidity and try to secure as much investor capital as you can without going bankrupt. 

Expect a rollercoaster ride through the life of a startup founder.

Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator

In Supercluster! The Innovation Cluster Simulator, you are the leadership team of a new, emerging innovation Supercluster.

Your job is to build the team, grow your industry network, develop key relationships, recruit members, secure funding, and launch special projects.

That sounds like quite a list, doesn’t it? Now try to do it all without going bankrupt, and before your competitors get to the finish line.

Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator

Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator brings you on a journey through the complex path to success as a thriving business.

As part of the leadership team, your responsibility is to lead this company’s transformation and reach 50 billion in valuation. 

Can you maintain the existing business, optimize your current cash flow,  invest in the future and design a broad portfolio of new business models without over-investing and going bankrupt? 

Highly engaging, fun, and social. The simulations provided a great starting point for reflections and deeper discussions.

Trine Sæther Romuld 

Partner, Leader
KPMG Stavanger, Norway 

Train People on Strategy – by Playing (Seriously)

Say goodbye to boring corporate training

Rather than sit them through a day of theory and digesting PowerPoint slides, take your team or clients on a strategy development journey through real-world scenarios, filled with high-impact learning. They will leave laughing, and itching to take action, we promise.

Learn strategy by doing

The fact is, strategy as a concept is often hard to grasp – especially if you only read and hear about it. Strategy Tools’ strategy simulation process pushes you to think critically and make strategic decisions, even if you’ve never worked with strategy before.

All strategy simulations are built around selected Strategy Tools, connecting the boards, the tools and the software into one experience.


Experience the real world

All three simulations used in our workshops are developed based on realistic and current market environments. You will experience what it is like to grow a startup, transform a corporation or build a supercluster through real-world scenarios.

Through our unique Strategy-Simulation-as-a-Service (SSaaS) model, you will get updated cards, with brand new content, the latest events and new booming companies, straight in the mail – every six months.

These simulations never go out of date.


Empower decision-making

In each Strategy Simulation, you and your team members will be facing several micro-decisions that will make or break your company / cluster. Throughout the entire workshop, you will need to think on your feet and make strategically sound decisions that propel your company forward.


Foster better teamwork

During the workshop, even very diverse teams are forced to converse and collaborate – helping foster better understanding across different mindsets and working methods. You will break down silos even if they’ve never spoken to each other before.


What makes it so powerful is the number of decision points, the carry-over effects of each decision, and the required speed of decision making. With every throw of the dice, teams need to crack a mini case study on the best course of action, often revealing knowledge gaps that teams weren’t aware of but are eager to close.

Onno Romijn 

Visiting Fellow and Associate Customized Executive Development Programme Director at Cranfield School of Management


Become a Certified Strategy Simulation Facilitator

Strategy Tool is building a global network of Coaches, Master Trainers and Strategy Simulation Faciliators.

By 2022, we aim to have 1000+ Strategy Tools Global Coaches (entry level). 250 Strategy Tools Master Trainers (Advanced level), 150 Strategy Simulation Facilitators, and 30 Expert Faciliators.

Very exciting and educational, and deeply engaging. You get sucked into complex situations very quickly, which makes for a very intense session where the time flew. I highly recommend this to management groups or boards in both small and large companies.

Hans Kristian Torske

Innovation Norway

Who can benefit from Strategy Simulations?


Management consultants, strategy consultants, facilitators, trainers, mentors and coaches use Strategy Simulation.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy, Innovation Teams, New Ventures, Business Development and corporate transformation benefit greatly.

Corporate Training

Corporate training on change, innovation, transformation, strategy, superclusters and scaling are all great use cases.

Top Management

CEO, Management Teams, Board of Directors find significant strategic value in the Strategy Simulation workshops.

National Innovation Agencies

National innovation agencies can train people, customize and implement the simulations at scale. A perfect match!

Startups & Scale-Ups

Startup teams, scale-up teams, Board of Directors, angel investors & VCs; everyone loves Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Accelerator.

Accelerators & Incubators

Early-stage & growth accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces and venture builders; they should all be running Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Accelerator.

Business Schools, High Schools

MBA, Executive, Master, Bachelor or High Schools; all business education programs get powerful, world-class learning experiences.

Innovation Cluster Programs

National Innovation Clusters and cluster programs find unique learning from Scale Up!, Supercluster! And Transform!

Government Leaders

Supercluster leaders, national policymakers, government leaders, national transformation leadership; Supercluster! is a superb way of aligning leaders at the highest levels.

Get Custom Strategy Simulations Developed Just for Your Company

We custom develop Strategy Simulations for any organization, any size.

Our team has years of experience distilling complex strategies into easy-to-grasp tools and workshop formats. We work closely with both our facilitators, partners and end-clients to craft a compelling and powerful Strategy Simulation. We have previously shaped custom strategy tools for FMCG, Energy and Asian Governments.

Let’s discuss how we can custom shape a powerful strategy simulation just for your company or your clients.

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