Scale Up! Digital

Scale Up! Digital is a complete and powerful entrepreneurship program. Delivered 100% remotely and digitally. The program covers all aspects of scaling up, investor readiness, and startup strategy. Currently used by accelerators, business schools, and VC funds – 100% digital.

Accelerate Your Start-ups

The challenges for startups and scale-ups are many, but in our experience Investor Development might be the toughest. Having founded, co-founded, invested in, supported, or mentored more than 100 startups, we often find that most teams have zero idea on how to think about investors, how to build a funding strategy, or how to think about their long-term value development. 

Improve the value you deliver to your start-ups and get your start-ups investor-ready in just hours, by gamifying entrepreneurship.

Give start-ups the skills that matter

Help your start-ups build capabilities and growth strategies that will make them successful.

Move beyond “product-market fit”

Use new strategy tools like the Scale Up Map to help them move beyond the lean start-up mindset.

Help them secure the right investors

Help them build capital strategies and funding roadmaps that will secure the right investors for them.

“I’ve been living and teaching entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley my whole life. I’ve never seen a more unique and powerful way to help startups learn how to scale, raise financing and truly understand how to build better companies than the Scale Up! simulation. It emulates real life lessons better than any classroom lecture ever can. I’m integrating simulations from Strategy Tools into my coursework at every opportunity.”

Rick Rasmussen

Industry Fellow, Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology
UC Berkeley

Start-up Development, Just Better

The program is flexible and can be used from students (bachelor, Master, Executive) to first-time founders just getting started, up to serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits behind them.

Companies that are just starting out, preparing to raise their seed financing all the way up to companies raising their B-series will find the program particularly relevant.

Designed for accelerators, incubators, business schools, entrepreneurship training, ecosystem development, innovation clusters, and anyone working with or supporting startups and scale-ups.

Create a Unique, Digital Learning Experience

  • Complete program design and delivery
  • Flexible format from 2 days to 90 days formats
  • Advanced level
  • Powerful visual and digital startup strategy tools
  • Access to the Scale Up! digital entrepreneurship simulation
  • Expert facilitators and coaches that have built, scaled, and exited companies
  • An end-to-end, powerful solution for helping you build better scale-ups

Scaling-up, Investor Readiness, and Startup Strategy.

Work on strategy together with your cohorts on relevant tools that have been developed for or fast-moving, high-growth startups, and scale-ups.


The Scale-Up Map helps startups to look beyond the now and build a short-, medium- and long-term growth strategy on a single page.

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This is the investor segmentation tool that helps startups segment their investor prospects and select the right investor based on financial and strategic fit.

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The canvas helps startups develop a long-term capital strategy and help them identify ways in which they can secure long-term growth capital.

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Bring a Powerful Solution to Your Ecosystem

The fundamental principles of Scale Up! is built on real-world experiences and insights. Behind every single card, there is a personal story. These stories are either seen first-hand or witnessed in close proximity to founders, investors, and startup ecosystems.

90% of the investor cards are built on actual, real-life investors. More importantly, the deeper complexities and challenges are based on hundreds of investor meetings, fundraising projects and work across the entire ecosystem.

Who Uses It

What People Say

“Extreme learning experience.”
“Excellent format. Perfect introduction to real-world investment!”
“Deepen understanding of company valuations.”
“We have to build a strong and bold fundraising strategy for the long term now.”
“Understanding your investor landscape and how your exit strategy influence the decisions you take in your early stages.”
“I learned how much I do not know about investment and it was enjoyable?!!”
“I gained so much practical insight into investor relations and now feel able to map our strategy.”

How Does It Work?

Book Your 1:1 session with the Strategy Tools Program Team at [email protected]

Map out your goals and challenges

Design the program that is perfect for your needs

Get started. 100% Digital