Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator

Launching a startup is easy. Successfully raising outside capital and scaling? Much, much harder.

Designed for accelerators, incubators, startup teams, board members, early-stage investors, and anyone dealing with startups and scale-ups – Scale Up! helps you understand, experience and overcome the growth challenges startups often face when trying to scale.

Playing Scale Up! put me in the shoes of a startup founder and gave me insights into the startup world I never otherwise would’ve grasped so quickly.

Helen Roth 

Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster


Key Takeaways

It’s all a balancing act

To win, you will need to be the first company to build an investor portfolio of 50 million and get across the finish line. However, that’s easier said than done. 

You will need to collect investors along the way, match it with your company strategy, make difficult strategic choices, deal with a number of unforeseen circumstances, all without going bankrupt in your first round. 


Develop better growth strategies

As you play, you will go through the different life-stages of a startup, and if you started out without a clear strategy, everything will soon come toppling down on you. You’ll get valuable insights on how to successfully find and select the right investors, equip yourself with the skills and team you need to accelerate your growth.

Take home real world lessons

Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator was built based on our work with hundreds of startups and scale-ups around the world and the typical issues they all face. All the cases and cards featured in Scale Up! are based on real-life cases and real-world investors, which gives you a realistic view on the art and science of scaling better companies.

Bring Scale Up! The Entrepreneurship Simulator to Your Company


Get certified in facilitating Scale Up! with our 2-day certification program. 

With a certification, you will be able to facilitate your own Scale Up! game sessions in workshops, meetings, and team building sessions.

Min. 4 participants.

Scale Up! Workshop

Want to run a Scaleup! session in-house? Let us know you are interested in and we will fix you up with one of our excellent facilitators.

Fee: by request

Custom simulations developed for your company

We custom develop Strategy Simulations for any organization, any size. Our team has years of experience distilling complex strategies into easy-to-grasp tools and workshop formats.

We work closely with both our facilitators, partners and end-clients to craft a compelling and powerful Strategy Simulation. We have previously shaped custom strategy tools for FMGC, Energy and Asian Governments.

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