Can you lead your company through a strategic transformation? Take on the role of a management team of a successful company facing disruption. Grow the mindset, skills, and strategy to deal with industry shifts, new business models and successfully transform.

Fine-tune your leadership skills

You are the leadership team of your company, and it is your responsibility to lead your company through the turbulent waters of the corporate world. 

Your business is thriving, but is in need of a major change in business model portfolio. You will need to juggle your existing business, optimize your current cash flow, invest in the future, design a broad portfolio of new business models, all without going bust.

From simulation to corporate strategy

In the simulation, you and your team are take on leadership roles and navigate your way through disruption. You will need to develop strategic agility and a portfolio-based approach to strategy.

The simulation – and the debrief – translates the game and its learning directly into your corporate strategy process.

Built on real world corporate strategy

The gameplay of Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator is built around the powerful Strategy Tools Strategy & Transformation Series, which is developed based on several of the latest corporate strategy frameworks that are used by transformation leaders worldwide.

“A playful and social approach to truly experience that a good business model is essential to every successful organization.”

Kristian E. Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Development, Equinor (Formerly Statoil) 

Try the Digital Version

A powerful strategy & transformation solution. 100 % digital. Highly flexible format. For strategy & innovation projects, strategy programs & executive education.

Become a Certified Facilitator

A 100% online certification program to support your development, learning and mastery of the Transform! simulation. In this certification program, you will master the Transform! Simulation Kit.

From running small simulation sessions to larger scale multi-step training programs, you will learn how to plan, design and run full programs. You will learn the domain knowledge and advanced facilitation skills to run impactful Transform! sessions and programs, as well as how to sell these internally and externally.

As a simulation facilitator, you will quickly learn that Transform! is far more than ‘just a simulation’. The entire bundle is a highly flexible solution, that you can structure and use in many, many ways, based on your customers’ and users’ needs. You can expand your consulting services significantly with a Transform! certification.

What You Get in the Certification Program

  • Confidence and know-how to run high impact Transform! simulation sessions with your strategy & leadership teams, boards, business schools and clients
  • Detailed walk-through of all elements of the simulation
  • 6 hours of self-paced videos and content (in easily-consumed bite-sized pieces)
  • Several real world use cases: from product to project
  • Advanced facilitation techniques
  • Building the Transformational Company Report
  • Facilitator slide deck that you can use with your team / clients
  • Advanced reading material to enhance your domain knowledge of corporate transformation
  • Free download of strategy canvases, guidebooks, and more to facilitate your Transform! sessions
  • Free access to the Strategy Tools App

Learn how to transform real-life companies

The fundamental principles of Transform! is built on real-world experiences and insights. The stories and challenges, the emotions, confusion and strategic choices are all modeled after numerous real-life CEOs.

Christian Rangen has been coaching, guiding and advising CEOs, Executives and Board Members for nearly 20 years. The role(s) you take in the simulation are all built on real life CEOs, as they struggle to transform their companies.

While Transform! is anchored in academic research and the latest management thinking, the real deep experiences are all modeled after the struggles, doubts, choices and actions of real life CEOs. Get certified to bring this powerful solution to your team and clients.

Learning and development.
At your pace.

The certification program is designed to follow your learning and development – at your pace. As such, you can zip through the entire program in 3-6 hours – or you can spend several months to learn, try things in real-life, deep dive into the advanced content and run live sessions as you learn.

The time commitment at your end can be as little as a few hours, completed in one day. Or, it can be a step-by-step, module-by-module learning journey where you go back and forth as a natural part of your training. This way, you can work through the online certification program over a period of several months as you slowly build your own expertise and mastery.

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