Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator

Can you lead your company through a strategic transformation?

Take on the role of a management team of a successful company facing disruption. Grow the mindset, skills, and strategy to deal with industry shifts, new business models and successfully transform.

A playful and social approach to truly experience that a good business model is essential to every successful organization.

Kristian E. Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Development
Equinor (Formerly Statoil) 

Key Takeaways

Fine-Tune Your Leadership Skills

You are the leadership team of your company, and it is your responsibility to lead your company through the turbulent waters of the corporate world. 

Your business is thriving, but is in need of a major change in business model portfolio. You will need to juggle your existing business, optimize your current cash flow, invest in the future, design a broad portfolio of new business models, all without going bust.


From simulation to corporate strategy

In the simulation, you and your team are take on leadership roles and navigate your way through disruption. You will need to develop strategic agility and a portfolio-based approach to strategy.

The simulation – and the debrief – translates the game and its learning directly into your corporate strategy process.

Built on real world corporate strategy

The gameplay of Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator is built around the powerful Strategy Tools Strategy & Transformation Series, which is developed based on several of the latest corporate strategy frameworks that are used by transformation leaders worldwide.

Bring Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulator to Your Company


Get certified in facilitating Transform! with our one-day certification program.

With a certification, you will be able to facilitate your own Transform! simulations in workshops, meetings, and team building sessions.

Min. 4 participants.

Transform! The Strategy & Transformation Simulation Workshop

Want to run a Transform! session in-house? Let us know you are interested in and we will fix you up with one of our excellent facilitators.

Fee: by request

Custom simulations developed for your company

We custom develop Strategy Simulations for any organization, any size. Our team has years of experience distilling complex strategies into easy-to-grasp tools and workshop formats.

We work closely with both our facilitators, partners and end-clients to craft a compelling and powerful Strategy Simulation. We have previously shaped custom strategy tools for FMGC, Energy and Asian Governments.

Let’s discuss how we can custom shape a powerful strategy simulation just for your company or your clients

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