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Strategy Tools in Action Report: Harvey Wade from Innovate21

The Strategy Tools in Action report unlocks trade secrets used by strategy practitioners across the globe. Today's interview features Harvey Wade, Founder & Director of Innovate21, United Kingdom



Over the past years, we have seen a rapidly growing community of Strategy Tools practitioners. From business school faculty in the US, executives-turned-consultants in Latin America, to Australian Innovation Clusters, the Strategy Tools platform is used across the globe to accelerate impact.

So how are people using Strategy Tools in Action? How are companies changing the way they work with strategy based on the toolkit? How are global consultants building their business with the help of the Strategy Tools platform? Read our Strategy Tools in Action, a report where we explore this in full detail.

Featured today is Harvey Wade, the Founder & Director at Innovate21, based in the UK. Here’s how he’s using the Strategy Tools Platform to simplify and visualize strategy in his work with clients.

My Preferred Strategy Tool

The Transform! simulation is a powerful experience. It accelerates strategic insight, knowledge, and learning in a way that is not possible using traditional work­shop formats. Combining the strategic tools with the emotional transformation journey provides participants with a realistic experience. With highs and lows, it enables the journey to be lived and learnt. How to enable transformation begin to be understood, and the recipes needed for success can be made. The appropriate tools come to life as they are applied to the real-life situation. With this emotional experience, clients understand why transformation of their organisation is needed, how they can approach it, and, most importantly, what it will feel like. The Transform simulation forms the foundation of the strategic programs we run – I highly recommend it!

How I Use It

Experiential Workshops

Giving teams an experience of transform­ing an organisation. This opens the doors to larger programs that can be used to drive the organisation’s future strategy and their capa­bility to achieve it.

Leadership Programs


Leaders need to be strategic, but what does this mean in practice? Working with leadership teams, the simulation paves the way to enable them to determine their transformational roadmap.

Open Strategy Sessions


Open strategy sessions are incredibly fun to run as there is such a diverse audience. Participants keen to understand and learn, and seeing how other industries respond. A great networking opportunity too!

Client Impact

“It was a truly engaging experience and we frankly didn’t want it to end after 3 hours (at 8pm no less). It was eye-opening, thought-provoking, and fun – I left that workshop with a deeper appreciation of the nature of mature business strategy, and also a sense that I needed to grow, that I had a lot of room to grow.” Head of Innovation, Lloyds Broker

“Best day I’ve had on strategy thought leadership for some time. I highly recommend using this to better understand your next strategy (or even review your current one).” Shakeeb Niazi, Founder for S.E.E.D

Recommendations to Others

1. Experience Transform for yourself. This will drive you to want to give others the experience, and you will understand the emotional roller-coaster they will have.

2. Be aware of real-life company transformations. Help the experience come to life, which is especially important to those organisations feeling “protected” or ”safe”.

3. Always, always run a debrief session. The simulation is a means to an end; application to their own personal situation is key to embed the experi­ence.



Want more strategy insights from across the globe? Download the Strategy Tools in Action Report.



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