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Partner Success Summit

Welcome to the 2024 Partner Success Summit.


In just one impactful afternoon, connect and learn with global strategists, uncover our partners’ client success strategies.

Partner Success Summit
2024 Program

2nd July, 14:00 – 18:00 CEST

Digital doors open at 13:30. Join early for the networking and community.


Digital doors open

Networking and community


Opening Welcome by Christian Rangen

Setting the stage: Partner Success Stories Globally

Part I | Angels, VC, PE


Changing the European Venture Landscape: IMD’s Perspective

Jim Pulcrano, Professor at IMD

Jim Pulcrano is the Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at IMD. With a career spanning over three decades, Jim is a recognized authority in entrepreneurship, startup culture, and disruptive strategies. As the former Executive Director at IMD, he spearheaded initiatives like the IMD Startup Competition and collaborated with notable organizations such as Audemars Piguet and UEFA. His passion for fostering innovation extends beyond academia, reflected in his involvement with startup investments and advisory roles. Join us as Jim shares insights on “Changing the European Venture Landscape: IMD’s Perspective,” drawing from his extensive experience at the nexus of business and academia.


Fireside Chat with Dubai Future District Fund: Driving Venture Capital in the Middle East

Tiffany Bain, Principal, Portfolio Development at DFDF

The Dubai Future District Fund is an AED 1 billion fund designed to support innovative technology companies that can drive Dubai’s future growth. It focuses on startups and entrepreneurs in the future economy space, including finance, data, and AI, both locally and globally. The fund aims to enhance Dubai’s position as a preferred destination for global talent and entrepreneurship, boosting startup and venture capital investing in the region.

Tiffany Bain is a distinguished leader in the venture capital and innovation ecosystem, currently serving as a key figure at the Dubai Future District Fund. With a profound understanding of market dynamics and a keen eye for identifying transformative opportunities, Tiffany has been instrumental in driving investment strategies that bolster the entrepreneurial landscape across the Middle East.


GP Pitch Session + Q&A with GP Founders, Participants in the 2X Ignite Sprint Africa II

Egla Ntumba, Senior Investor at Newtown Partners & Maelis Carraro, Managing Partner at Catalyst Fund  

The 2X Ignite GP Sprint is a 6-month programme focused on supporting women-led or gender-diverse fund managers with gender smart investing strategies across the African continent to better position themselves for a successful fundraising journey with their investment vehicles. The programme kicked off at the end of April and will run to early November 2024. 

In this session, Egla Ntumba of Newtown Partners and Maelis Carraro of Catalyst Fund will share their pitches and partake in an open Q&A. 


The Changing World of Venture Capital

Rick Rasmussen

Rick Rasmussen is an Industry Fellow for the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. He is a Silicon Valley native with direct experience and thought leadership across industry, government, venture capital and academia. He has been a part of executive teams in three separate companies that started with zero revenue, raised rounds from leading VCs, went public, gained Fortune 500 status, and sold for a collective $12B.

He connects governments, and economic development agencies with the vast resources available throughout Silicon Valley and also helps build entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide. He has developed over 200 hours of coursework on entrepreneurship and teach the methodology on a daily basis.

In this short keynote, he offers an insider’s perspective into the evolving landscape of venture capital.


Networking Break

Part II – Startups, Scaleups, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Moderated by Nir Melamud


Partner Case Study: Scaling Startups in Romania

Nir Melamud, Ljubisa Petrovic

Nir Melamud has been working with some of the most disruptive B2B & B2C Israeli ventures for over a decade. His background in Marketing & GTM strategies and mastering the fundraising process create unique valuable expertise for early-stage companies.

Ljubisa Petrovic has over 11 years of management consulting and business development experience. As an Associate Partner at Strategy Tools, he’s been leveraging ST’s innovative strategy tools and simulations to empowering strategy leaders worldwide. His specialties include strategy, sales, and business development.

In this keynote, Nir Melamud and Ljubisa Petrovic will share about their work scaling startups in Romania.


Partner Case Study: Scale Up Masterclass in Bahrain

Suhail Algosaibi

Suhail Algosaibi is the founder of Falak Innovation and chairman of Tenmou. He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, consultant, and innovation authority based in Bahrain. In this short session, he will delve into the successful collaboration between Strategy Tools, Falak Innovation, and Tamkeen during the Scale Up Masterclass held in Bahrain in April 2024.

Discover how these visionary organizations harnessed strategic tools, innovation methodologies, and venture capital expertise to empower Bahraini startups. Suhail will share real-world outcomes, growth strategies, and the impact of this transformative masterclass on the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Partner Case Study: Scale Up London

Henrik Amstutz

In February 2024, we conducted a Scale Up Masterclass for the team at Founders Intelligence – Part of Accenture, a consulting firm driven by entrepreneurship and collaboration with major corporations. Join Henrik in this keynote as he discusses the masterclass’s design, process, and outcomes, providing practical insights for planning your own masterclasses.


Partner Case Study: Exploring the Middle East with Falak Startups

Tarek Seif ElNasr

Falak Startups is an early-stage VC powered by the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation and its venture capital arm, Egypt Ventures. In this keynote, Tarek Seif El Nasr, Head of Venture Growth at Falak Startups, will share transformative insights on the evolving Egyptian startup ecosystem. Their recent Fund Manager! Bootcamp has marked a significant milestone in venture education. Tarek will discuss how these initiatives are not only nurturing talented founders but also reshaping investment approaches to foster long-term growth and success within the region’s rapidly changing entrepreneurial landscape.



Part III – Corporate Strategy, Transformation & Growth 


Partner Case Study: Transform MBA Program Mexico

Javier Sevilla

Javier Sevilla is a strategic visionary dedicated to driving organizational transformation. With a focus on present and future competitiveness, he excels in innovation and business metamorphosis, guiding entities through change with foresight and expertise. Based in Guadalajara, he’s a catalyst for progressive development.

Join him as he takes you on a journey through his work integrating the Transform! Sim into an MBA Program in Mexico.

Part IV: Business Development


Interactive Breakout Sessions on Business Development

Sessions led by experienced partners


Plenary Wrap Up



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