Jun 7, 2023 at 6: 15 am

Strategy Tools Welcomes Henrik Amstutz to the Team!

We are excited to have Henrik's expertise and talents on board, and we look forward to his contributions to Strategy Tools. Henrik will be dedicating an equal portion of his time to both Strategy Tools and Link Capital, actively engaging in various roles within the global Strategy Tools community. His expertise in strategy and finance will be applied across multiple diverse projects, reflecting the dynamic nature of his responsibilities. Get to know Henrik a little better in the Q&A below:

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Q: Tell us a little bit about your background

I was born and raised in Switzerland, and after completing my military service in the Swiss Air Force, I pursued my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Exeter in the UK. Following that, I delved into the world of investment banking in London.

Q: Could you share a bit about the most interesting projects you’ve worked on recently prior to joining Strategy Tools?

One of the most significant projects I had the opportunity to be a part of involved advising our client in acquiring a 50% stake in Hornsea II, the world’s largest offshore wind farm. It was a fast-paced and dynamic project that left a lasting impact, contributing to the positive momentum in our energy transition.

Q: Henrik, tell us a bit more about the work you will be doing at Strategy Tools

At Strategy Tools, I will largely be supporting the team in the wider scope of teaching start-ups, accelerators, founders and early-stage investors on what a successful fundraising looks like through the eyes of the Scale-Up! Sim and many other tools.

Q: ST has a rich number of tools to shape strategy around the world. What have you seen in your first few days of working so far?

The amount of tools, content, canvases, videos, use cases and Miro boards I have seen so far has been impressive (and slightly overwhelming in the best of ways!). It is fantastic to see the thought that has gone behind the work of the Scale-Up! Sim or the fundraising bootcamps. Putting such complex, multi-faceted scenarios and situations in simple terms is vastly difficult and when reading a “Long-term funding roadmap” canvas, it could not be laid out any simpler!

Q: Strategy Tools is developing a rich body of content and tools around VC/PE. Over the next couple of years this will be a growing business area for ST. How do you see yourself working with global fund managers, ecosystems and faculty with the VC materials?

Strategy Tools has excellent tools and content already, from the very first ideas of your start-up or if you are already running an SME to shape your corporate strategy. That, fortunately for me, makes my job significantly easier!

Now it is all about introducing key stakeholders to what ST does, and why it works (and all of our success stories) – whether it is running introduction calls, multi-day sessions across the globe or virtually, or simply acting as a sounding board.

Q: What’s your superpower?

Even in intense situations, I manage to excel at multi-tasking and managing workstreams simultaneously – all while making sure I remain positive and motivating others.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Like many here in Stavanger, I relish spending time outdoors, immersing myself in nature, and engaging in various sports activities, ranging from football to winter sports. Additionally, I enjoy discovering new captivating TV shows and movies.

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