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Strategy Tools Welcomes Kyrre Lemvik to the Team

We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to the team - Kyrre Lemvik. Armed with a diverse academic background, Kyrre brings a unique perspective to the Strategy Tools team. Kyrre will take on active roles in both Strategy Tools and Link Capital, integrating his dynamic expertise in finance and consulting. At Strategy Tools, he will spearhead the Masterclasses division, driving client expansion and scaling globally. Get to know Kyrre a little bit better in our short chat below:

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Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.

I have a diverse academic background, holding a master’s degree in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and currently pursuing a second degree in international management through the CEMS program. My academic journey has been enriched by experiences such as an exchange semester at the University of Sydney, which broadened my perspectives and deepened my understanding of global business dynamics. Upon completing my studies, I started my professional career as a consultant at Trifid in Oslo. In this role, I developed skills in strategic analysis and implementation, collaborating closely with teams to deliver value-added solutions for our clients.

Q: Could you share a bit about the most interesting projects you’ve worked on recently, prior to joining Strategy Tools?

One of my key roles as a consultant involved the enhancement of a new insight and analysis service offered to our clients. This project allowed me to collaborate closely with the partners within the company and take an active role in presenting analyses and market highlights to our clients. Our focus was particularly on large IT consulting firms in the country. This experience not only deepened my market understanding and analytical skills but also allowed me to refine my pitching abilities as we presented the service to potential new partners.

Q: What compelled you to join the Strategy Tools mission?

Several factors influenced my decision to join the ST/Link mission. Firstly, the opportunity to collaborate with a high-paced and highly competent team was immensely appealing to me. Additionally, I was inspired by Link’s goals of targeting companies across Europe that can make a sustainable difference. I firmly believe that sustainability will be a key focus in the years to come, and I was drawn to the prospect of being part of an organization dedicated to driving positive change in this area. Moreover, the dual role offered by Link and ST was particularly attractive to me. On one hand, I am involved in the team managing a fund, while on the other hand, we travel around conducting masterclasses on navigating the ecosystem for other stakeholders, including other funds, startups, and business angels.

Q: Tell us a bit more about what you’ll be working on at Strategy Tools

At ST, my role will involve developing and scaling our Masterclasses across the globe – from customer acquisition, project development, to design and delivery. My initial focus within Strategy Tools will concentrate on two primary areas of business. The first area encompasses topics such as startups, scaleups, and entrepreneurial ecosystems, while the second delves into VC funds, PE funds, and angel investment strategies. I will be developing a client portfolio that includes various companies, business schools, and investment funds, offering customized masterclasses tailored to each group’s specific needs. Looking forward, I am eager to expand my role to include collaborations with larger organizations, focusing on corporate strategy, driving transformation, and fostering growth.

Q: You’ve been with us for a month now, how has the experience been?

My first few weeks at ST & Link kicked off with a bang as we traveled to Bergen on my first day to conduct a one-day masterclass for 35 business angels. We facilitated the Scale up! Simulation aimed at empowering participants with the knowledge and insights necessary for making more informed and thoughtful investment decisions.

Following this, we welcomed visitors from London for a dynamic workshop focused on exploring the exit strategies of various companies within our portfolio. Additionally, I had the opportunity to travel to Copenhagen for a workshop with one of our portfolio companies. Really inspiring to witness such a forward-thinking team in action. Overall, these weeks have been filled with high-paced activities, and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the team better.

Q: What’s your superpower?

I would like to point out my team-working skills. I consistently make sure to bring a positive attitude and a high level of energy to every team I am part of, which significantly boosts team dynamics. I firmly believe that combining this approach with a team of exceptional problem solvers puts us in a much better position to tackle any challenges we encounter in the venture capital ecosystem.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you

A fun fact about me is that my adventure in Sydney opened my eyes to new activities I had never experienced before. I took the leap with both skydiving and obtaining my scuba diving certification. Following that, I enjoyed numerous dives in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. This is definitely something I plan to continue, with several dives along the coast of Norway and another skydiving jump scheduled for this summer.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I am a huge football fan, and I love traveling across Europe with my friends to attend different football matches. Additionally, I enjoy staying active during my spare time, whether it’s hiking, skiing, playing padel, or trying out other activities. As long as I’m in good company, I’m happy!

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