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The world of strategy is shifting. Look beyond the spreadsheets and tedious, unproductive meetings.
Strategy Tools help you simplify and visualize complex strategy processes for clarity and action.

The Strategy Tools Series

Strategy Tools covers a wide variety of uses, from helping you explore new business models,
grow a startup, to forming your own Supercluster. Select from more than 30 tools,
find one that fits your needs below, across our seven series.

Strategy & Transformation Series

Accelerate strategy, transformation and change.
Users are corporate strategy teams, consultants, top management and business schools.


Strategy Intro

The number one strategy tool for companies of any size. The Strategy intro is the perfect starting point for any strategy process – for startups, scale-ups and corporates.

Strategic Innovation Canvas

The Strategic Innovation Canvas gives you and your team the ability to think beyond today in terms of managing your innovation, strategy or business model portfolio.

Transformation Architecture

The Transformation Architecture helps your company build the right architecture for transformation. “It’s not about ideas”, says Professor Rita McGrath. Instead, it is all about having the right architecture, the right HOW in place for your large-scale transformation.

Two Lenses on Strategy

The Two Lenses helps to handle different world views on strategy. It helps to balance out the dominant views of strategy as classical strategic thinking.

The Transformation Test

Often used as a conversation tool by companies – the Transformation Test helps to measure how ready your company is for transformation. It frames strategic questions on whether your transformation will be successful and if you have the right capabilities and processes in place.

Transformation Assessment

The Transformation Assessment is a quick and easy transformation survey that gives a direct intro to the Magic Formula of Money, Structure, and Mandate (M+S+M).

Industry Shifts Map

Use the Industry Shifts Map to understand how your world is changing. Most companies have a limited interest in what happens outside of their company / industry. This tool helps you make sense of what’s happening and how it could affect your company’s trajectory.

Industry Map

Do we actually understand how the landscape around us is changing? Do we have a shared view, a shared understanding in our company or management team of the ongoing changes in our industry? Are we able to think both short term and long term? The Industry Map helps answer these questions.

Corporate Venture Capital Canvas

The Corporavate Venture Capital Canvas (CVC Canvas) helps you build a strategy for a Corporate Venture Capital program by identifying the key items for a successful CVC.

Corporate Venture Capital Matchmaker

The CVC Matchmaker helps you assess if a startup is the right investment for your company, and if you are the right investor for the startup. It helps you figure out whether you are a good financial, strategic and cultural fit together.

Corporate Venture Capital Deal Map

Use the CVC Deal Map to map out a CVC deal, align interests and create a shared roadmap to success in CVC deals. Used correctly, this tool will help you answer the question, “is this a good deal for our CVC?”

Innovation Series

Supercharge innovation.
Essential for corporate innovation teams, top management,
consultants, entrepreneurs and business schools.


Market Opportunity Canvas

Built on the work by Rowan Gibson and his book the Four Lenses on Innovation, the Market Opportunity Canvas helps identify new markets, come up with new market ideas and brainstorm around new market opportunities.


Innovation Strategy Map

We call this the “one-page innovation strategy”. The tool helps you create a more holistic innovation strategy and think and work more strategically about your innovations.

Minimum Innovation Strategy Canvas

This is a more advanced version of Innovation Strategy, built on Cisco’s famous 5-point strategy – buy, build, partner, invest, develop. The MIS Canvas helps companies move away from innovation efforts that are too internally focused, and allows you to build a one-page, easy-to-understand, high-level innovation strategy.

The Innovation Pyramid

Our most popular ideation tool used by teams to create a shared understanding and language around innovation. The Innovation Pyramid is a great brainstorming tool which can be used alone or in teams.

A Holistic View on Innovation

The Holistic View is a great tool for mapping and evaluating your organizational innovation level. It gives you a clear metric to act on. More importantly, it is a great for conversations on how to build innovation capabilities.

Business Model Series

Build a business model portfolio.
Used by strategy teams, top management, consultants, entrepreneurs and business schools.

Three Levels of Business Models

This tool allows you to build your business model portfolio in one page. Using the tool allows you and your team to shift from focus on only one business model to many.

Customer Development Series

Know your customer.

Loved by anyone who cares about customer success.

Customer Personas Cards

How well do you understand your end customers? This tool helps you answer that question. By understanding your customer needs, and getting this communicated across to the engineering teams – you can achieve a better product-market fit.


Startup Series

For fast-moving, high-growth startups and scale-ups.

Widely used by startups, scale-ups, accelerators, incubators, business schools,
national innovation agencies and innovation clusters.

Scale-Up Map

The Scale-Up Map enables you to map out your growth strategy in a single view.  It helps startups to look beyond the now and build a short-, medium- and long-term growth strategy. On a single page, you will be able to map out  and keep track of the key value drivers for your startup, and align your team, board, and investors around your scale-up plan.

The Long-Term Funding Roadmap

As its name suggests, the Long-Term Funding Roadmap helps you develop a long-term capital strategy for your startup. It’ll walk you through the different categories of investors and help you identify ways in which you can secure long-term growth capital.

Your Funding Plan

Your Funding Plan is a great companion to the Long-Term Funding Roadmap as it helps break it down into a short-term action funding plan. It helps you close your funding round faster and smarter, as well as segment your (many) investor prospects.

6X Company Building Canvas

As a leader of a startup, it is often hard to get everyone aligned in a quick and visual way on how to build the company. The 6X Company Building Canvas solves this problem. It provides a shared understanding of the startup’s growth issues and helps identify what key areas you should focus on. It is also a great way of reporting your weekly progress to the team and the board.

The Investor Map

This is your investor segmentation tool that helps you segment your investor prospects and select the right investor for you based on financial and strategic fit.

The Accelerator Map

With thousands of incubators, accelerators, and support programs out there, it can be hard to identify if they are a right fit for your startup. The Accelerator Map helps you to evaluate different accelerator programs according to strategic fit and value output.


Supercluster Series

National economic development. Used by governments, innovation cluster programs, national innovation agencies, ecosystem developers, ministries for economic development and business schools.
Upgrade your cluster strategy, launch new cluster projects or build global superclusters.

Building Blocks for Superclusters

This tool gives you an overview of what pieces make a supercluster successful, and what key success factors you need to enable.

Supercluster Fundamentals

Supercluster Fundamentals is a high-impact tool for large scale group sessions. It helps you identify what members of a supercluster would want out of it, as well as what companies are hoping to get out of their time and investment in a supercluster. This helps you map out the fundamental tasks a supercluster needs to focus on in order to succeed.

Supercluster Strategy Map

Built on the research by MIT, Harvard, and BI Norwegian Business School, the Supercluster Strategy Map details the five fundamental pillars of building a supercluster – corporate, government, academics, capital, and entrepreneur. It helps you map out a supercluster strategy and how you can involve, engage and activate all stakeholders in a supercluster development project

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Three Types of Clusters

The Three Types of Clusters help you better understand the different kinds of clusters and easily explain it to others.

Supercluster Capital Strategy Map

This tool helps you build you end-to-end supercluster strategy, map out your cluster investor landscape and think strategically about capital into your cluster. There is also a software solution, now live on our App.

Supercluster: Launch

This tool is used to engage key stakeholders in the very first, early strategic conversations on launching a supercluster. The Supercluster: Launch tool helps clarify expectations and ambitions within your emerging cluster project.

Supercluster: Intro

Supercluster Into is used in the very first cluster conversations. Provides an understanding of clusters beyond the Triple Helix theory. Gives a high-level introduction to the five building blocks of any supercluster strategy.

Cluster Member Map

Map out your cluster members to get a better overview and deeper insights into their growth stages and their capital needs. The Cluster Member Map gives you an idea of how well you know and understand your cluster members.


Supercluster Capital Strategy

Identify the key pieces required for a cluster capital strategy and develop a full-scale capital strategy for your cluster using the Supercluster Capital Strategy.


Supercluster Strategy Intro

Create a cluster strategy in a single, easy-to-understand framework to foster understanding and alignment around your supercluster strategy.

Cluster Startup Portfolio

Build a startup portfolio for your cluster. Define strategic areas of interest to your corporate members, we call them Investment Areas. Map out your current startups and scale-ups, develop new programs to grow your startup portfolio. Connect startups to corporates for mutual impact.

Cluster Accelerator Map

The Cluster Accelerator Map helps you develop a smart accelerator and scale-up support system, map out the most relevant accelerators for your cluster, and help you as a cluster CEO understand and work with different accelerators.


Supercluster Open Innovation Map

How can an innovation cluster facilitate open innovation amongst its members? 
Using the Open Innovation Map, innovation clusters can now quickly set up a strategy, structure and process for open innovation at the cluster level.

The Cluster Leadership Map

The Cluster Leadership Map is a tool to support leadership at innovation clusters of any size. From small emerging clusters, to global superclusters, the Cluster Leadership Map helps leaders at all levels improve their leadership skills.

Supercluster Structure 2.0

The Supercluster Structure 2.0 is a visual organization chart for young or aspiring Innovation Superclusters. Use it with your board to create a visual overview around your growing cluster.


Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card

The Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card helps you quickly ask and answer the key questions you need to have in the very early pre-Supercluster phase.


Cluster Starting Point Canvas

Before you start exploring your Innovation Supercluster strategy, it might be wise to take a moment to assess your starting point. Your answers will greatly impact how you design, develop, and build your Innovation Superclusters.

Implementation Series

Strategy development is nothing without implementation. Get the tools, take strategy to action. Loved by leaders who care about execution and impact.

Action Road Map

The Action Road Map helps get you from strategy to action. It sets a timeline, accountability, and helps create better buy-in from the team.

Strategy Alignment

When the management team has different views on strategy and implementation, this tool helps get the whole team on the same page.


Ecosystem Series


Ecosystem Map

Start building a better innovation ecosystem today. This tool helps you map out your existing ecosystem, identify key players, build on strengths and improve weaknesses.

Ecosystem Canvas

Designed to provide a broad lens on ecosystems, the Canvas helps make sense of brand new environments, landscapes, industries and ecosystems.

Cluster Landscape Map

Sitting at the intersection between Innovation Clusters and innovative ecosystems, the Cluster Landscape Map aims to give you a wide lens on your wider cluster landscape.

Ecosystem Shakers Map

The Ecosystem Shakers Map allows you to map out the key «movers and shakers» and top three ecosystem initiatives – all in the spirit of building better innovation ecosystems.

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