6X Company Building Canvas

As a leader of a startup, it is often hard to get everyone aligned in a quick and visual way on how to build the company. The 6X Company Building Canvas solves this problem. It provides a shared understanding of the startup’s growth issues and helps identify what key areas you should focus on. It is also a great way of reporting your weekly progress to the team and the board.

3 Outcomes
from Using
6X Company Building Canvas

From strategy to action

The 6X canvas helps break strategy down into manageable, easy-to-grasp pieces. Convert any lofty startup strategy into specific work. Rank, assess and identify top issues to solve. Do it daily or weekly. Use the 6X Company Building Canvas to make strategy happen.

Focus, focus, focus

The 6X canvas was first developed in the X2 Labs Accelerator Program, to help new startups cope with the multitudes of new venture creation and company building.

Today, any team has to Rank, assess current status and easily map out key items to solve. This creates focus, focus, focus.

Alignment, alignment

Use the 6X to drive alignment with your leadership team, your staff and your board. It is uniquely powerful visual way of securing buy-in, understanding and alignment.

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Startup CEO

Use Case: Aquatech Startup

Aquatech startup, Digital Fish Farm has just shared the weekly 6X Company Building Canvas.

This week, Product Development and Customer Development are number one and two respectively, in terms of importance. Channel development, ranked at third place, scores only three out of ten, raising multiple read flags.
This weekly scorecard allows the team, management and Board quickly asses, align and understand what is going on in the company.

Notice the weekly status, scoring 34/60, down from 37/60 last week.

Combined, the 6X canvas gives the founders an intelligent approach to look beyond just Product-Market Fit, to grow and scale the company by focusing on all six key areas to successful company growth.

How to Use it

Report or align

You can use the 6X Canvas for weekly reporting, using PowerPoint or SaaS platform. This allows the CEO to summarize and present the official score, seen from her seat. This works well in larger companies and to the BoD.

You can also use it together with the team, to jointly work out key issues and priorities, rank and assess these and – importantly – assign who is in charge.


Work on A3 or Big Canvases

Working with your team gives you two options, either A3 format for small sessions, or posting one large canvas onto the company wall somewhere. We recommend using a bigger format, ideally a reusable type from our friends at Stattys.com.


Check In Often, Evaluate, Adjust Weekly

Posting the 6X Canvas publicly in the office, allows for open and transparent communications, better understanding and alignment of strategy. You might want to implement the 6X Canvas into your weekly meetings, check in daily, evaluate weekly and then reassess weekly to find what drives and what blocks your strategy execution in practice.



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